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3 Easy Cardigan Outfits To Wear This Spring


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3 Easy Cardigan Outfits To Wear This Spring

As seen on runway shows like Loewe, cardigans are expected to make a big bang this spring season. But we are not talking about how to style your basic cardigan. We are talking about colorful and pastel infusions. We are speaking on patchworks, wide loop knits and vibrant hues. Consequently, the industry is slowly transitioning away from the monochromatic aesthetic. Hence, we are in the era of fashion mimicking virtual reality with heavy saturated tonality.

In addition to, the structure of the cardigan adds to successfully pulling off this trend. This era calls for graduating from the V-neck, four button sweater. This era allows space to be more edgier with the silhouettes. In other words, it will not be shocking to see oversized, grandpa inspired arrangements. As well as, creative structuring with the scale of the sleeves. All in all, we got you covered on simple tips that will inspire your mood to style cardigans. Here are three, easy how to style cardigan outfits to wear this spring:

1. Cardigan + Jeans Combo

Just as the cardigan has experienced an upgrade so should the jeans. Opt for a printed jean or a statement shoe to bring this look to life.

2. Pairing Complementary Prints

Patchwork pastels is the name of the game but you enter fashionista level when you piece prints with complementary colors together.

3. A Belted Touch

Just to tie things together (no pun intended), a belt is great way to polish off the look with your natural figure.

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