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The Mystery Behind These Trending Big Red Boots!


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The Mystery Behind These Trending Big Red Boots!

After seeing them repeatedly, we finally unlocked the mystery of these trending big red boots. The start of February has been the month of celebs sporting these rubber, red boots with the phenomenon running rampant. And it seems to have popped up out of thin air! You could not escape seeing these if you have been scrolling through social media days leading up to Superbowl 2023. The squishy, red boots has been seen on Janelle Monae, Coi Leray and a plethora of other stars. What seems to be the latest conspiracy theory is simply a marketing rollout before the online release on February 16th.

The brand MSCHF is responsible for all this friendly commotion. This New York based brand went into this with the goal of going viral. In an successful attempt to create a stir before the release to consumers, MSCHF went the influencer marketing route. The point of this all seems to be highlighting the individuality present in styling these overly simplistic boots. The cartoon reminiscent shoe is bridging the gap between impossible and possible. The oversized, oval sole and red color way provides a factor of resistance yet curiosity. A quote from the brand says, “The continued blending of virtual and IRL [in real life] aesthetics has us chasing supernormal stimuli.” The juxtaposition between what is real and make believe is the driving force of its allure.


The best way to capture the public’s attention is through their favorite celebrity. Although it may not always work, MSCHF has created a product that has given the fashion industry something to talk about. The Big Red Boots has caused all this ruckus because it teeters the line of reality and virtual reality. That curiosity was cemented by using influencers to showcase what bringing virtual reality to reality could look like when you purchase their product. If it is anything like what the chatter was before, then we are sure these boots will be a huge success!

Big Red Boots release on February 16th at 11am on the MSCHF and Sneakers app.

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