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Morgan MacDonald: Revolutionizing Modern Publishing, AI Collaboration, and Work-Life Balance


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“AI will replace mediocre writers in big media corporations at the same time AI becomes an invaluable partner to the best writers in big media corporations. The use of AI will usher in new standards for quality and creativity.”

In the ever-evolving world of publishing, one name stands out as a trailblazer in the industry—Morgan MacDonald. As a best-selling author, publisher, and thought leader, she has dedicated herself to developing best practices for success in the modern publishing landscape. Morgan’s expertise extends beyond traditional realms, as she explores the intersections of AI, The Blockchain, BookTok, and more. Moreover, she leads by example, gracefully balancing her entrepreneurial pursuits with motherhood and even recently earning her pilot’s license. In this insightful Q&A session, Morgan sheds light on her journey, the impact of AI on writing, navigating the publishing world, and achieving work-life balance.

Interviewer: When did you know you wanted to be an author and have a career in publishing?

Morgan: The book that inspired me to pursue a significant role in the publishing world was a manuscript that had been stacked in what a publishing company would call “the slush pile.” Early in my career, I worked for a small publishing house, and every day we received unsolicited manuscripts from hopeful authors. One day, I came across a manuscript that truly resonated with me. I eagerly shared it with my editor, hoping we would publish it. Unfortunately, the author had no platform or following, and as a result, our publishing house declined the opportunity. This experience sparked my journey to work directly with authors and help them write, publish, and market their books.

Interviewer: Will AI eliminate the need for writers in big media corporations?

Morgan: AI will replace mediocre writers in big media corporations while becoming an invaluable partner to the best writers. It will set new standards for quality and creativity. When an excellent writer collaborates with AI, they can generate new ideas, conduct research, and find innovative ways to phrase things. However, AI alone cannot replicate the nuanced and emotionally resonant writing that the best human writers can deliver. There are certain aspects, like hashtag humor, that AI may struggle to grasp, making the collaboration between humans and AI essential.

Interviewer: How should new student incoming writers navigate?

Morgan: Students entering the field of writing should learn how to prompt or query AI to generate multiple options and drafts. AI can provide ideas and draft sentences, but it may struggle with creating a compelling structure and incorporating captivating details that engage readers. To leverage AI effectively, writers must shape the drafts into engaging pieces of writing by curating and refining the content themselves.

“If you’d like to have children and a career, my one piece of advice would be to go ahead and do both. Kids grow up, and businesses find their footing, and you’ll want them both to be mature around the same time. We all grow together.”

Interviewer: What are some of the new practices for publishing successfully in the modern world?

Morgan: In fiction publishing, we have witnessed independent authors challenge traditional publishers by adopting a rapid-release strategy, where they release an entire series within a few months. With AI, we can expect even more rapid-release series with enhanced writing quality. In nonfiction publishing, authors now have the opportunity to release a range of products alongside their books, such as ebooks, print books, audiobooks, companion courses, and membership sites. Audiobooks, in particular, are experiencing a rise in popularity, and as AI voices improve, the narration quality will also improve, enhancing the reader’s experience.

Interviewer: How has being a mother to four children impacted your work-life balance, and what advice would you give to other mothers who want to achieve their career goals?

Morgan: As a mother, I started my own company to have the flexibility to set my own schedule and accommodate my children’s needs. Having more children forced me to delegate, outsource, and set boundaries that ultimately benefited my business. By finding a balance, I could avoid overworking and ensure that the business could operate independently. My advice to other mothers would be to pursue both motherhood and career simultaneously. It may be challenging at times, but children grow up, and businesses find their footing. Experiencing both journeys simultaneously allows for personal and professional growth, creating a fulfilling life for all.

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