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Break the Cycle: Expert Tips on Consistently Hitting the Gym


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Keep putting off going to the gym? It’s very easy to skip a workout – especially if you’ve had a busy week and you’ve got TV shows or household chores to catch up on. However, doing this regularly can quickly prevent you from achieving your exercise goals. Not only this, but all the gym membership fees you pay end up going to waste. So just how can you motivate yourself to go to the gym? This post lists five ways to stop skipping the gym. 

Make sure you’ve joined the right gym

Different gyms are marketed at different audiences. There are gyms marketed at young people and gyms that target older people. There are gyms for everyday people and gyms which focus more on athletes or bodybuilders. On top of this, gyms each have their own unique amenities. Some gyms such as Fitness 19 host exercise classes. Some gyms have swimming pools and saunas. Others have TVs you can watch as you’re exercising. Make sure that you join a gym with an environment that motivates you. 

Find the best time to hit the gym

Some people are most motivated to exercise first thing in the morning. Others are most motivated in the evening. Obviously, you also need to consider your schedule – when do you have the most free time? On top of this, you may want to consider when the gym is most busy and when it is most quiet. By weighing up all these factors, you can work out a time that is perfect for you. Try to then create a schedule so that you’re exercising at these same times each week. Once you have a schedule, it makes it easier to work everything else around exercise.

Get yourself a gym buddy

Having somebody to regularly exercise with can also provide motivation. You can enjoy hanging out and motivating one another at the same time. You’ll also feel more guilty about cancelling a gym session because you’ll not just be letting yourself down but also letting down your gym buddy. Just make sure to choose the right person to be your gym buddy – you don’t want to choose someone who is even less motivated than you. 

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Hire a personal trainer

Personal trainers can help motivate you and provide an exercise routine that allows you to see progress. Hiring a trainer does mean spending even more money at the gym. However, you could find that having personal trainer sessions booked makes it harder to say not to going to the gym, because you’ll be letting them down by not going. When finding a trainer, make sure to find someone who understands your exercise goals. 

Set yourself after-gym rewards

Another way to motivate yourself to go to the gym is to set yourself after-gym rewards. You can only treat yourself to these rewards if you go to the gym. Such rewards shouldn’t be anything that is likely to undo your hard work (i.e. don’t pig out on unhealthy food). Instead, think of rewards such as using the sauna at the gym, watching another episode of your favourite TV series, treating yourself to a nap or treating yourself to a healthy takeout meal. Check out his guide at Spark People for ways to reward yourself after the gym. 

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