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L21 Style Guide: How To Style Capri Pants


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L21 Style Guide: How To Style Capri Pants

This style guide is perfect for those looking to master how to style capri pants. It seems we can’t escape the resurgence of Y2K fashion. For many, this is the first time witnessing trends recycle right before our eyes. Capri pants are making their way back into the spotlight. Luckily for our readers, you’re hearing about it just before the big boom. This is the Level 21 Style Guide: How to Style Capri Pants.

Most of us can spot capri pants from a mile away, but what exactly are they? Capri pants are trousers that are longer than shorts but shorter than full-length pants, typically cropping mid-calf. Honestly, I had written off capris after 2010. However, in recent months, I’ve come to appreciate their beauty. The key is to keep the look super feminine. While there are ways to add an edgy twist, the overall essence should remain soft and graceful.

First and foremost, a blouse is your best friend with capri pants. Whether it’s a classic collared piece or an asymmetrical top, a blouse is great for its free-flowing factor. As mentioned in our previous article, mules are the perfect summer shoe and pair immaculately with capri pants. There’s no need for dramatic silhouettes as it becomes too fussy to the human eye. Another way to style capri pants is with a breezy tunic. Opt for adding feminine touches like a flower in your hair, dangly earrings or chunky bracelets. Think about it like a tropical rain forest vacay with this trend.

This Level 21 style guide breaks down how to style capri pants, one of the unsuspecting trends to recycle from the Y2K movement. Key suggestions to keep in mind include pairing capris with blouses or a tunic while keeping the silhouette to a minimal. You get the best bang for your buck by adding feminine accessories for a tropical-inspired vibe.

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