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Fact-Checking Policy

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Level21 Media LLC. is a major publisher of factual news and technological materials. These materials include magazines, online materials, products collections of data, conference and workshop proceedings, awards, images and movies, television, and other content of professional and consumer interest. Respecting intellectual property and honesty in publication are central to our Ethics Policy , especially “Be honest and trustworthy”; “Respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, and creative works”; “Strive to achieve high quality in both the processes and products of professional work””Maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice” “Know and respect new and existing rules pertaining to professional work.”

Any individual is entitled to make a formal claim that a violation of this policy has occurred. It is not necessary for a claimant to have any formal relationship (e.g., author, reviewer, program committee member) to the Work that is claimed to be in violation of Level21 Media’s Publications Policy, nor is it required that the claimant be a member of Level21 Media; however, it is necessary that the claim involves an Level21 Work (as defined above).

Any individuals submitting a formal claim that a violation has occurred must:

  • identify themselves (i.e., anonymous reports are not considered),
  • indicate whether there is or is not a formal relationship to the Work (e.g., author of violated work, reviewer, or editor of violating Work),
  • provide a detailed written description of the claim, and
  • provide detailed evidence supporting the claim, including:
    • a citation to the original Work(s) (Work title, author, publication title, date of publication), if any;
    • a citation to the alleged violating Work;
    • indication of specific pages, sections, paragraphs, etc. in each work alleged as evidence of the violation

Level21 encourages the submission of the following additional information to aid in its investigation:

  • copies of all Works involved in the alleged violation,
  • additional information regarding how to obtain involved Works that are unpublished (e.g., a technical report, an online posting),
  • any other information that would help Level21 efficiently to investigate the claim

It is not sufficient for an individual simply to allege to Level21 that a potential violation has occurred-Level21 will not investigate potential violations without a complete claim being submitted.

The process for submitting claims depends on the type and status of the Work that is the subject of the claim, as follows:

  • For Works that have already been published in an Level21 Publication (Conference Article, Journal Article, Book, or Magazine etc.), submit a formal claim that a violation has occurred by sending an email to the Director of Publications
  • For unpublished Works that have been submitted to any non-conference related Level21 Publications, submit a formal claim that a violation has occurred by sending an email to Level21 Director of Publications.
  • For unpublished Works that have been submitted to any Level21 Conference, Workshop, or Symposium, submit a formal claim that a violation has occurred by sending an email to the Conference, Workshop, or Symposium’s Program Committee Chair(s). The name and contact information for the Program Committee Chair(s) can be found on the Conference, Workshop, or Symposium’s website.
  • All other cases should be referred to the Level21’s Director of Publications.

Latest Revision: 5.13.20