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New Phone, Who This?- 3 Tasks to Accomplish Right After You Purchase


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When you get a new phone, you’ll naturally be excited to start using it. There’ll already be a few things you want to do with it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you could overlook. It’s always worth making sure everything’s properly set up from the start, after all.

It’ll avoid any bugs or other issues later on, or you needing to go back and finish things off. Thankfully, this doesn’t always have to be a hassle, not even installing apps. Instead, a few particular things to do could do more than you’d think.

It’s worth diving into three of the more notable of these.

1. Set Up The Security

You’ll naturally want to make sure your phone is as safe as possible, and you wouldn’t want people to look through it without you knowing. You’ll keep a lot of private information on there, after all. That’s why it’s always worth focusing on your phone’s security from as early as possible.

This should be one of the main steps in your phone’s initial setup process, so there shouldn’t be much of a reason why you shouldn’t do this early. Think of a password nobody else will guess and make sure your phone is as secure as possible.

2. Plan For Your Bills

When you get a new phone, you’ll naturally set up a way to pay for your data and other costs. Prepaid options are standard, but you can also opt for pay as you go. Both of these are great choices, but it’s worth planning for whichever one you take. It’ll make sure you don’t run out of data anytime soon.

Prepaid Bill is a great way to help manage this and make it easier for yourself. It should help you avoid not being able to use your phone when you need it the most. You’ve no reason not to put the effort into it.

3. Pair Your Devices

It’s not uncommon to have a few accessories for your phone, with this also including various minor devices and gadgets. While some of these might need to connect to your phone manually, many of them will be wireless. To use them, you’ll need to connect them to your phone, and then you’re good to go.

The setup process for this can often be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have several devices. It can often be worth getting it out of the way early so you don’t have to deal with it in the future. It shouldn’t have to be too complicated.

Get A New Phone: Wrapping Up

There’ll be plenty of times when you’ll need to get a new phone. Setting them up can often be a bit of a hassle, and it’s something you’ll want to get done as quickly as possible. That could lead to you rushing through everything and overlooking a few particular areas, despite how important they are. Make sure you get them done so you avoid any issues.

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