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Gwyneth Paltrow Appears in Court for Ski Crash Trial in Utah


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Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued by a retired optometrist who alleges that the actress crashed into him while skiing at a Utah resort in 2016.

On March 21, Paltrow appeared in a Park City, Utah courtroom against Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old retired optometrist accusing her of crashing into him while skiing at a resort in 2016. For the first day of their civil trial, Paltrow—who is countersuing Sanderson, claiming that he was the one who collided with her.

In January 2019, when Sanderson filed a lawsuit against Paltrow for injuries he sustained when she allegedly crashed into him from behind on a beginner-level slope at Deer Valley Resort. According to E! News, Sanderson said he suffered “a brain surgery, four broken ribs and other injuries” from the crash and accused Paltrow and her ski instructor of abandoning the scene.

“I have suffered immensely not just from the physical injuries I suffered,” the complaint read, adding that Sanderson also experienced “severe psychological problems including fear, anxiety and depression,” as a result of “my time of being severely hurt, incapacitated and unable to defend or protect myself.”

Sanderson is seeking over $3 million in damages, per CNN.

In a counter-suit filed February 2019, Paltrow denied the accusations and said she was skiing with her family and ski instructor when Sanderson allegedly “plowed into her back.” The Goop mogul also claimed that Sanderson admitted fault by apologizing to her after the crash and was now only taking legal action due to her “celebrity and wealth.”

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