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Who is Elijah Stone?


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Elijah Stone is the long-haired, chisel-jawed, east coast artist of Hollywood’s dreams. Just like those hollow faces we see on TV and Instagram every day Stone seems like he would be just another superstar pretty boy. But he’s not. Not only is Stone an incredible musician he is a photographer, singer, and an outlet for all things creative. Since seeing his dad playing guitar at church, Stone has been infatuated with all things musical. However, it isn’t just creating music that inspires him, it’s how he can help people, like himself, through his music. Perhaps this is what makes Elijah Stone different, his down to earth musical style forces the listener to confront the music in an extremely raw way. He possesses something a lot of big musicians have lost, a connection with his music. 

Elijah Stone Performing

Stone released his first album Confessions earlier this year, and despite having an extremely young career, he knows it is the base for a long stint in the music industry. Although Stone recognizes this album as a fundamental step in his progression as an artist he sees this as his first album rather than his debut album. 

“I wouldn’t even call it my debut, honestly I’d call it my first. Debut is such a ‘hey world I’m here’ , but this album to me is more like ‘hey this is who I was and who I am’. No one ever gets to see their favorite artists’ very first tracks.” 

Confessions Album Cover 2022

The young musician’s unique perspective of his first album is what makes it so enticing, Confessions is simply a very well written and produced teaser for what is to come from Stone. Additionally, his ‘work your way up’ mentality towards his music reflects the silent suffering that goes into every album and song created. 

“I poured blood sweat and tears into this album, I’m not saying it’s my best work but it’s where I started”

While it can be easy for us to forget the struggles of song-making, being able to see the progression and process of an artist gives us a glimpse into their chaotic world. This is something to admire about Stone, there are no secrets in his music. When he inevitably, becomes a superstar fans will understand where he came from and how he has changed. A rarity in the music industry, so many A-list musicians are kept hidden until they make it big and all the public knows of them is stardom and perfection. However, Stone’s overly honest approach to his music will never allow us to think he was generated in some Hollywood lab that pumps out musical excellence. Stone is a real person who has, no doubt,  started off with amazing music but will also no doubt continue to outdo himself at every turn. Making being an Elijah stone fan not only easy but exciting. 

Elijah Stone

“At first I would always describe myself as a sad Jack Johnson, but now I’m into making everything. I’m trying to be as versatile as possible.” 

Stone keeps fans on their toes by alternating between acoustic indie, pop, and even a little bit of EDM. While ‘sad Jack Johnson’ and EDM are most definitely on different ends of the musical spectrum, it is unlikely we will ever see Stone putting himself in a metaphorical musical box. If Taylor Swift can jump from country to pop and back again, the confidence Stone has in hopping between music genres shouldn’t scare anyone. Although Stone does possess all the traits of a classic indie singer, rings, long hair, and absurd graphic tees, if I learned anything from him it’s that looks can be deceiving. 

“ I was looking at my music and I was like I’m not this sad all the time, I don’t want to be this sad for my whole life. So if I can get out of that, maybe writing about it can help someone else get out of that too.”

Stone demonstrates how not only his music style can change, but also how the messages conveyed within his music can change. Perhaps it is embracing that change and understanding that change that makes Stone such an exciting new talent. 

Elijah Stone

“ I know a lot of people have very structured methods of song making, but i’ve always loved the music that, no matter what is going on, can make me feel an entirely different way or just help me feel something a little deeper and that’s all I want to do” 

Stones music and entire persona represent running towards your life, happiness, sadness, and dreams, rather than away from them. Maybe Stone’s method of embracing the good, bad, and ugly could help us understand our own good, bad, and ugly. 

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Keep your eye out for Stone’s new music.  

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