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Plies Declares Is Going On His First Official Date in 2024


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Florida native and rapper Plies has surprised fans by announcing his eagerness to experience his “first official date” in the year 2024. Taking to Instagram on January 27, he serenaded his followers with a rendition of Johnny Gill’s “My My My” while expressing his desire to do right by somebody’s daughter. In a heartfelt caption, Plies opened up about the challenges of his life and upbringing, expressing a genuine yearning for this novel experience. The rapper shared the sentiment that the streets, which have been a significant part of his life, may not hold all the allure they once did.

This unexpected revelation comes after Plies sought guidance from fellow rapper Common in the realm of romance. The Florida native turned to X (formerly Twitter) on December 31, expressing his admiration for Common’s effortless ability to connect with women. Common’s history of high-profile relationships, including ones with Erykah Badu, Serena Williams, Tiffany Haddish, Taraji P. Henson, and Angela Rye, sparked Plies’ curiosity, prompting him to seek insights from the Chicago rap legend.

Plies, known for his candid expressions on social media, had previously shared his preferences in a relationship. In September, he revealed his appreciation for women who opt for regular clothing over high-priced fashion. Emphasizing his attraction to simplicity and originality, Plies declared that these qualities are a significant turn-on for him.

Acknowledging Plies’ authenticity and influence in Hip Hop and social media culture for over a decade, many women celebrated his unique perspective on women’s fashion choices. Despite his prominent status, Plies remains true to his personal preferences, showcasing a genuine and relatable side to his persona.

In a separate tweet on the same day, Plies advocated for the protection of someone named GloRilla, following a sexual claim made by her. The rapper’s engagement with his followers reflects not only his desire for a genuine connection but also his commitment to social causes within the culture he holds dear.

As Plies opens up to the possibility of a first official date, fans are eager to witness this new chapter in the rapper’s life and are likely to support him in his quest for love and meaningful connections.

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