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“This is the last straw” Drake removes fake AI song ‘Heart on my sleeve” from all streaming platforms


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Written By Tiffany Johnson

A supposed collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd, which was generated entirely by artificial intelligence, has been banned from all major streaming platforms. It was previously revealed that the artists knew nothing about the song’s creation.

The track, titled “Heart on my sleeve,” was created using advanced AI technology that analyzed the artists’ past hits to generate a never-before-heard track. The song was not created by the real Drake and The Weeknd, but rather by a fake voice generated by the AI.

The concept of an AI-generated song that caused concern among fans. Many were worried that this could lead to the music industry becoming dominated by machines, with no place for human creativity.

The backlash from fans led to both record labels filing to have the song removed from all streaming platforms. Drake was rumored to have said that this fake music was ” the last Straw” Drake and The Weeknd have yet to officially comment on the situation, as they were not involved in the creation of the track.

The banning of “Heart on my sleeve” has left many fans disappointed, as they were excited about the prospect of a collaboration between two of the biggest stars in music. However, the incident has sparked a conversation about the role of AI in the music industry and the importance of human creativity and expression.

As for the future of AI-generated music, it remains to be seen whether it will become a more prevalent force in the industry or if it will be met with continued resistance from fans and artists alike.

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