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Spa Exclusive: Mastering the Authentic Spa Experience From Home


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Whether you’re currently stuck behind your desk at work or scrolling on your phone because you’re struggling to get enough sleep, the idea of visiting a luxurious spa is likely a welcome one. 

However, it’s not always the most practical solution. That is, you can’t book a spa trip every time you have a bad day – unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal. 

Thankfully, you could remedy this and treat yourself to an at-home spa experience instead! Here’s how to get started: 

  • Light some scented candles 
  • Throw on a robe 
  • Play some relaxing music
  • Bring in some bath and beauty products

Light some scented candles.

When setting up your ‘home’ spa, it’s important you’re able to create the right kind of atmosphere. In short, you need to make the space feel as little like your actual home as possible – otherwise, you’ll just be distracted! 

One way you can create a spa-like atmosphere within your home is by lighting scented candles. This is not only useful when it comes to setting the mood, but also from a therapeutic perspective. For example, studies have found that “the gentle flicker of a candle flame has been shown to help relax the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety.”

Throw on a robe.

Part of the fun of going to a spa is being treated like royalty. For example, many companies hand out soft, luxurious robes to their guests upon their arrival, which makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. As such, now is the perfect time to invest in your very own robe! 

You could make this even more special by using embroidery equipment for towels and robes to embroider your own name onto your robe. This way, your kids or partner cannot claim it to be their own!  

Play some relaxing music.

If you’re struggling to disconnect from the chaos that surrounds you at home, such as the noise of the TV playing downstairs, listening to music can help. However, you may want to stick to instrumental music, as this allows you to properly shut off and relax! Furthermore, many spas tend to stick to this kind of music, meaning you can have a more authentic experience by doing so. 

Photos curtesy, Unsplash

Buy some bath and beauty products.

Now, no spa experience is complete without a bit of pampering. As such, you should use this as an opportunity to stock your cupboards with beauty products such as: 

  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Bath oils
  • Moisturizers 
  • Face Masks
  • Eye Mask
  • Skincare treatments 

While this does come at additional expense, the cost of the above products is likely far lower than spa admission – and many can be used multiple times over. As a result, it’s a worthwhile investment in your wellness. You may also be able to find discount codes online, meaning that your at-home spa remains budget-friendly. 

Beyond this, it’s okay to want to treat yourself from time to time, especially if you’ve been feeling stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed. 

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