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How Do You Find Peace? A Look Into Stress


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We all can feel that push-pull sensation in today’s busy world. Peace of mind is something that might seem like that ever-elusive goal because we’ve got consistent and competing demands for our time. It’s not just work or family life- there are other things like technology that can contribute to us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and strung out. Prioritizing your mental well-being in such a fast-paced world is critical, and no matter how cliched this sensation is, we’ve all felt, especially post-pandemic, that there’s just a lot going on. Peace of mind is, as Nina Simone said, “all we need, but it’s so hard to find,” but there are things that we can all do:

Is Your Phone Really Causing Your Stress?

It is easy for us to lay blame on certain things when, in fact, the problem could very well be right in front of us. Constant connectivity is inherently linked with restlessness, which, if we leave it to bubble up, can contribute to anxiety over time. Digital detox time, every single day, is critical, but we also need to reassess our relationship with our phones. 

Knowing how to change an IP address on iPhone devices might be one thing that will stop us from being pursued by hackers on such an open playing field, but we also need to remember that the internet is something that, the more we put into it, the more problems there could be. This is why we’ve got to be so sure that what we’re clicking on is safe, but this is only one aspect of our daily lives. It’s time to actually look at if our phones are causing us stress.

Bring Some Tranquility into Your Life

Finding that sense of tranquility from within is tough because if we are constantly on the go, we feel that we’re giving ourselves over to everything else and very little to the things that help us recharge. Tranquility is about not worrying about the past or the future but being rooted in the present

This is something that has major connections with things like mindfulness, but even if you’re not someone who’s into meditation, you can still get benefits from stopping and being rooted in who you are. Taking some time every day to keep tabs on every sensation in your body can help you track things like tension. As we become more aware and in tune with our bodies, we can start to notice when our bodies and minds are making that descent that could cause us to feel burnt out. It’s always about catching those things as early as possible.

The Importance of Being Realistic

Undoubtedly, the pressures of the world we live in, combined with the pressures we place upon ourselves in order to meet those demands, will cause problems. Being realistic and setting boundaries is so vital for your well-being. This is why learning to say “no” and not overcommitting are two things that we must undoubtedly protect because this will reduce stress and give us space to achieve peace of mind. What we have to remember is that being realistic might actually be the toughest thing of all to achieve because it forces us to stop and address what is too much in our lives. 

This means that things we’ve been doing for, potentially, years, may have to fall by the wayside. As you slowly become aware that setting realistic boundaries and goals is a necessity for you, you then see the benefits of doing this and, therefore, you naturally become more precious with this time. The rigmarole of daily life, from commuting to working to then giving ourselves over to everybody else, is oppressive for certain people because they don’t want to upset the balance of power. Actually recognizing that you deserve the same amount of self-care time as others will create an amazing foundation of pride in oneself.

Self-care is not a luxury; it is a necessity, and learning the right ways for us to thrive gives us an understanding of how best to look after ourselves. So many of us don’t prioritize ourselves, but if we don’t understand how essential it is to look after ourselves before we look after everyone else, we will never get to grips with how to muddle through in this busy world. Whether it is getting into a practice such as meditation to ensure you feel calm during tough times or carving out more time for yourself there are so many ways to achieve this piece of mind. It’s not that hard to find, as long as you know where to look. 

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