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Reflecting on the Success of the 6th Annual Black Fathers Rock Celebration


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Through powerful storytelling and recognition, the event highlighted the exceptional fathers within the Charlotte community who defy stereotypes and go above and beyond for their families.

Written by staff writer Tiffany Johnson

On June 10th 2023, the 6th Annual Black Fathers Rock! (BFR) celebration took place, honoring the unsung heroes of America – black fathers. Organized by Ryan Jor El, an author, speaker, host, and Charlotte Champion, this event aimed to change the narrative surrounding black fathers and provide them with the resources they need to strengthen their families. With a cocktail reception, awards ceremony, live entertainment, and more, the celebration was an unforgettable experience filled with heartfelt moments.

Highlighting Inspiring Stories

Black Fathers Rock! (BFR) shone a spotlight on the amazing fathers within the Charlotte community. Through powerful storytelling, the event showcased fathers who defy stereotypes and go above and beyond for their families. Their stories served as an inspiration to all, dispelling the notion that black fathers are absent. It was a time to recognize and celebrate the resilience, love, and commitment of these extraordinary men.

An Evening of Elegance and Emotional Surprises: The 6th Annual Black Fathers Rock! celebration took place at a brand-new and exquisite venue in Plaza Midwood. The event commenced with a cocktail hour, allowing fathers to mingle with some of Charlotte’s finest. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, anticipation, and a sense of unity as attendees came together to honor the deserving recipients of various prestigious awards.

Photography By: The Arc Collective

Among the heartwarming moments, Ryan Jor El, the creator of Black Fathers Rock, was surprised by his wife Tracy Marie (Pictured in orange), who presented him with a special award for his dedication and unwavering support as a father and advocate for black fathers through this event. The emotional exchange between Ryan and Tracy Marie moved the audience, reinforcing the power and importance of family.

Recognizing Excellence and Sharing Tears of Joy

The Black Fathers Rock! event featured several award categories, each acknowledging exceptional fathers and their contributions to their families and communities. Let’s take a look back at some of the remarkable award recipients who left an indelible mark:

As each recipient took the stage, heartfelt speeches were delivered, expressing gratitude, love, and a deep sense of responsibility. The audience, moved by the stories of triumph and sacrifice, shared tears of joy and applauded the fathers for their unwavering commitment.

The 6th Annual Black Fathers Rock! (BFR) celebration stood as a powerful testament to the black patriarch, shining a spotlight on exceptional fathers who often go unnoticed. Through storytelling, recognition, and community support, BFR aimed to reshape the narrative surrounding black fatherhood. As we reflect on the success of this year’s event, let us continue to celebrate the fathers who demonstrate love, strength, and resilience while empowering others to follow in their footsteps.

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