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The Color You Need To Be Wearing This Summer – Chartreuse!


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The Color You Need To Be Wearing This Spring/Summer Is Chartreuse

Every year, there seems to be a standout color that dominates. This year we are predicting that color to be Chartreuse for the Spring/Summer season. Similar to the year Valentino pink had, chartreuse has been spotted on a number of runways. This is a hue that was named after a French liqueur due to the resemblance in color. Moreover, chartreuse is rather a vivid shade. This is a shade defined as a combination between green and yellow. This color is the perfect shade to pop as an accessory or serve as the focal point. Its nice to show this hue off in a smoother texture like silk or chiffon. When styling this color, keep in mind of the complementary shades that work best. Color theory suggests violet and pale lavender serve as a good balance on the eyes.

Whether you are going to brunch or the beach, you are sure to see chartreuse in your vantage point.

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