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SS24 Trends: We’re Having a Flower Power Moment Thanks to These Designers


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SS24 Trends: We’re Have a Flower Power Moment Thanks to These Designers

Fashion month is officially over, but it is only the beginning for breaking down all the SS24 trends. For a lot of us, we virtually travelled the globe via our laptops aimlessly navigating the high fashion streets. And quite a number of trends were noticeable but there was one in particular that was too hard to ignore. That is the flower power moment as seen from multiple designers like Vaquera, Christian Dior, Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana. But buyer’s beware, it is much deeper than just a floral print. The power of the abstract flower will be seen in all aspects of the outfit. From the shoes to eye-catching accessories, the flower motif will be seen head to toe in various forms. While the idea of flowers for Spring is so cliche and underwhelming, the unorthodox play on the flower served as an intricate role this runway season.

Here is just a few designers who we can thank for reinventing the wheel for such a predictable cliche.

Vaquera SS24

Patric DiCaprio and Bryn Taubensee’s vision for Vaquera S/S24 resembled something that of a night on the town at the waviest party of the year. The show displayed a funny juxtaposition of having a New York City club scene theme during Paris Fashion Week. The standing only audience was in for a treat when the first look dawned the runway. The viewers met eyes with the first model wearing a netted bodysuit, outlining the breasts, as she appeared to dodge the paparazzi. It wasn’t until the “larger than life” striped, rose embellishment tie draping around the model’s neck that served as a defining moment for the collection. This set the tone for what else was to come. The rest of the collection had the same motif but dripped from different parts of the outfit. We spotted the fully bloomed rose motif worn on the calf just moments later. However, the best moment had to have been showing the motif around the neck paired with a fur, dress poncho and matching hat. Overall, we appreciate how well this collection was crafted together.

Dolce & Gabbana SS24

Moving along, the Dolce & Gabbana SS24 rendition on the flower power trend had a daring yet feminine appeal. It was spotted early in the collection and was styled similarly like Vaquera’s. In comparison, D&G created a realistic size motif meant to be worn face-front on the neck. Coinciding with the collection’s color story, the motifs were only seen in black or white and didn’t stray away from the jugular. The addition of this accessory meshed well with the overarching theme of using fabrics like lace, sheer and fur. Overall, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana managed to craft a strong yet delicate collection that paid tribute to the 90s iconic supermodels. Adjectives like vixens, sirens and femme fatales contributed to the brands intended tone. This was reinforced as the last look of the night was on THE Naomi Campbell.

Balmain SS24

“Florals for spring? Ground-breaking.’ Actually, she was right. But I tried to really continue the legacy of the house, which I started last winter, and just reminding people of this house from 1945.”

olivier rousteing

Stemming from the idea that flowers for Spring is cliche, Balmain played on that oxymoron by quoting famous fictional character from the movie, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. “Florals for spring? Ground-breaking.’ Actually, she was right. But I tried to really continue the legacy of the house, which I started last winter, and just reminding people of this house from 1945.” This season the designer reworked archival print motifs in only ways Olivier knows how to. His approach was sophisticated, intricate and eye-catching. It was much more than just an accessory. Balmain incorporated the flower by means of abstract encrustations, bold prints and embroidery. The Balmain SS24 collection took the concept of the flower and ran across the globe with it. When the brand teased us on their Instagram page before the show previewing the quote above, we had no idea how literal it would go. However, Olivier Rousteing stayed true to his maximalist signature and delivered a show that was nothing synonymous of quiet luxury. This collection was the point of view through Mr. Olivier’s eyes as he showcased what French luxury is to him.

In conclusion

Nothing seems more typical than flowers for spring but this Spring/Summer 24 season we can be sure nothing is typical the way these designers reconstructed the concept.

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