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Carolina Fashion Awards: Tara Nichole, the model of truth


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Models. What a complex title, that holds more than most people can even begin to imagine. Society has a history of confining models to a box and solely judging them by their appearance or the personas they take on in their work. However, models aren’t just pictures on a screen or the promotion of a new swimwear line, they are women, mothers, and artists. Tara Nichole, the winner of the Carolina Fashion Awards emerging model award, fills all of these roles with grace and power. Not only has Nichole built herself into a successful model but she has also started her own model coaching business called True Development.  

Tara Nichole at the 2022 Carolina Fashion Awards

“Everything I’ve done thus far in my career I’ve done alone. Without an agency or management, it takes long hours, hard work, and a lot of networking.” 

Nichole’s self-made outlook on the modeling industry has influenced her to help those looking to get involved. Her company offers mentoring, assistance with booking, and helping models understand their look and what they want to do. Despite modeling being an intensely competitive field Nichole chooses to help rather than compete, which can be accredited to her desire to show her young daughter exactly what an accomplished woman looks like. After being inspired to model by her mother, Nichole found herself falling in love with the world of modeling. 

“Once I figured out that modeling was something I loved, it became my children, they became my world. Just to be able to show them that it’s ok to chase your own dreams and believe in yourself.” 

Nichole recognizes the importance of instilling confidence in young children and uses it as her motivation to continue her career endeavors. While her job does consume a large portion of her time Nichole tries to take at least one of her kids everywhere in order to allow them to see what a successful woman can look like. However, balancing personal and professional life isn’t always easy. Between hectic shoots and traveling overseas, Nichole has had to make sacrifices for both her job and her family. When at work Nichole never enters a room without a creative direction in mind, which has helped her in the battle of being a working mother. When working with clients Nichole aims to give the client exactly what they had in mind. However, in more artistic shoots, she is able to completely explore her own creativity. 

“In more creative shoots I like to get as out there as possible and really make it artistic.”

Tara Nichole Photoshoot

Additionally, this unwavering preparation is simply another coin that helps her to balance the scales of work and life. However, that is not to say that work and home life never cross paths, as Nichols points out that not only is she her harshest critic but so is her daughter. 

“ You know my daughter is 12 years old, there is no more criticism you can get than your 12-year-old daughter”

Tara Nichole Photoshoot

While it is certainly not the dream of most people to be judged by a 12-year-old girl, Nichole takes it in her stride and only uses criticism to improve and not to implode. This is unsurprising as Nichole truly believes that modeling was a career that chose her not the other way around. 

“ I don’t want people to just know me, I want them to know my message, my brand, and what I stand behind. It’s more than just Tara Nichole.” 

She truly is more than Tara Nichole. She is a businesswoman, mother, model, and artist. 

Instagram & True Development hosts events every month, including this Saturday, June 4th!

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