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A Fashion Guide To Finding Your Personal Style Voice


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Fashion is forever changing and you’re forever growing. That means the fashion you had in your teenage years is going to look vastly different from the closet you have in your 20s, 40s, and beyond.

Finding a fashion style that suits you is important because it not only presents you to others in a certain way, but it can be a great motivator and confidence booster internally. With that being said, here’s how to find a fashion style that suits you this year.

Image Source Pexels

Start window shopping online

Before you spend your money on any outfits, start window shopping first. This will help provide you with some inspiration on what type of fashion you wish to opt for when it comes to your new style.

Window shopping can be done online but don’t forget about the benefits that come from window shopping in-person too. While online shopping is dominating the fashion market, your local mall still has plenty of opportunities when exploring different styles and fashion trends.

Know your body shape

What does your body shape look like right now? It might be different from what it once was and don’t worry, that’s natural to happen over time. Your body shape might change multiple times throughout your lifetime, which is why it’s useful to check on what shape it’s changed to before buying new clothes.

The reason for this is that some garments and clothing fits might not quite fit the body shape you have now, while it might have done so before.

Use Pinterest as your mood board

Image Source Pexels

Pinterest is a great way to bring together all of your inspiration when it comes to creating a new fashion look or style for yourself.

When it comes to using Pinterest, create a mood board where you can pull together all of the various outfits and looks that you want to create. It’s a great way to brainstorm your looks before actually having to buy them.

Experiment with clothing you haven’t tried before

Experimenting with clothing is always something to be proactive about, especially when you might have stuck to the same old colors and styles previously.

When it comes to creating a fashion style that suits you, experiment as much as you can. Opt for wildcards when it comes to colors, designs, and different types of garments. There’s nothing more fun than playing with different types of clothing. You’re more likely to find something that works well with your body shape and personality by approaching shopping in this manner.

Explore accessories to accompany your outfits

Finally, explore accessories that will accompany your outfits. Whether that’s industrial earrings from Urban Body Jewelry to chunky 90s style belts that have recently come back into fashion. Accessories can often tie together your outfits and give them that extra wow factor.

Think about what accessories you might be lacking currently and make sure all of your outfits have a little something in the accessory department.

Finding a fashion style that suits you is important, so make use of these tips to get the most out of your clothing this year.

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