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21 Womans History Exclusive: Queens In The Marketplace Style Breakdown & More with Dr. Tamesha Hughes-Frazier


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On March 9th, under the guidance of the remarkable Dr. Tehara Bryant, a leading figure in coaching women to overcome past obstacles and unlock their true potential. Dr. Bryant, a Certified Professional Coach and Business Strategist, serves as the President of Queens in the Marketplace, Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women in the business world; with a distinguished career spanning decades, Dr. Bryant has navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship and leadership, conquering fears and embracing growth with unwavering determination.

The atmosphere filled with empowerment and possibility as attendees gathered to celebrate a Women’s History Month networking event. Among the luminaries gracing the occasion was the illustrious Dr. Tamesha Hughes-Frazier, Founder and Executive Director of the Hughes Elite Scholars program, a beacon of hope for first-generation students and their families. Draped in sophistication and style, Mrs. Hughes captivated attention with her impeccable fashion choices, donning a stunning ensemble featuring a sleek dress by St. John, paired elegantly with Jimmy Choo shoes, and adorned with exquisite jewelry from Brownlee.Dr. Hughes-Frazier, in a poignant moment, shared the timeless style wisdom passed down by her grandmother to Level21’s Michaela Brown: “If you can’t ball up your fist, then your nails are too long.”

Dr. Bryant took to the stage, exuding charisma and wisdom as she urged attendees to embrace the call to leap into the unknown, to seize opportunities, and to chart their course towards greatness. Drawing from her own journey of triumph over adversity, Dr. Bryant shared anecdotes of signing pivotal contracts, navigating leadership challenges, and investing in personal growth to overcome obstacles and realize her dreams.

Throughout the event, the conversation centered on the transformative power of embracing uncertainty, confronting fears, and stepping into one’s true potential. Her words resonated deeply, serving as a poignant reminder to never allow fear or self-doubt to hinder progress.

In addition to the event’s empowering atmosphere, Dr. Bryant shared insights into her mission and vision for empowering women in the marketplace. “The next event is September 2024,” she announced, revealing the organization’s upcoming focus on the sphere of influence – Government. Reflecting on her journey as a networking event host since 2015, Dr. Bryant expressed a profound sense of alignment with her calling and purpose. “I’ve felt the most aligned with my calling and purpose during this last event,” she shared. “I stepped fully into and accepted the IMPACT I’m to bring to women of faith in the marketplace by cultivating a space where business strategies and kingdom principles collide.”

As the gathering unfolded, attendees were treated to insights and inspiration, as Dr. Hughes-Frazier shared her experiences of spearheading transformative initiatives in education, securing over $4.2 million in funding to support underprivileged students. Her unwavering dedication to empowering the next generation served as a testament to the profound impact of visionary leadership and unwavering commitment.

In closing, Dr. Bryant urged attendees to embrace the journey of self-discovery, to dare to dream big, and to take bold strides towards their aspirations. With each word spoken, the room pulsated with energy and possibility, as women from all walks of life pledged to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.

As attendees departed, hearts brimming with newfound determination and resolve, they carried with them the echoes of Dr. Bryant’s rallying cry: to leap into the unknown, to embrace fear, and to seize the limitless opportunities that await. For in the realm of possibility, there are no limits, only boundless potential awaiting those bold enough to pursue it. And as Dr. Bryant often says,

“Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth.”

-Dr. Tehara Bryant

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