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This List Of Holiday Films Might Bring You Joyful Tears


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There is nothing better than curling up with your favorite holiday drink and a classic holiday movie. While the perfect holiday movie will differ from person to person there are always some key aspects they all seem to include. Of course, there must be a little bit of snow, a loveable family, and a little bit of that holiday magic sprinkled in there somewhere. I’m not sure what makes these movies so special perhaps it’s the collective memories everyone seems to hold near and dear that relate to movies like Home Alone, but there is something warm and cozy about every one of them. However, not all holiday movies are created equally and there are certainly some that outshine others.

1. Home Alone

Scene from Home Alone 1

Of course, Home Alone has to be in first place in terms of the Christmas movie competition as it has everything a good holiday movie should have. In fact, one could even say it is the blueprint for modern Christmas movies that center around a little kid and includes a series of ridiculous situations. I also truly believe that every child wanted to be a little Kevin Mcallister after watching this movie, we were all just waiting for a Joe Peschi to break into our house and leave them, victim, to complex booby traps.

2. The Holiday

Jude Law and Cameron Diez in The Holiday

The Holiday is a like a lesser-known, but better, version of Love Actually simply because we get to see Jack Black and Kate Winslet in a beautiful Christmas relationship. In a very 2000s circumstance two women, one from LA, and one from London, switch lives for the holiday season and seemingly find love in their opposite lives. This movie would make anyone want to uproot their entire life and take a random trip to Europe in order to find their perfect match, making it one of the most heartwarming and adorable holiday movies.

3. Klaus

Jasper and Klaus from the movie Klaus

While this movie certainly won’t make the all-stars for Christmas movies, it is certainly one of the most underappreciated animated Christmas films to come out in recent years. Klaus is a beautiful interpretation of Santa’s origin story and the legends surrounding the mystical figure and his merry crew of elves and reindeer. The main character, Jasper, is a pessimistic mailman sent to the most unhappy place on Earth with the goal of making it a little more bearable and a little bit happier. Along the way, Jasper meets Klaus a heartbroken but well-intentioned old man, that looks a lot like our depictions of Santa, and they begin giving presents to the unhappy children to make the whole town a little better. This fun movie also has beautiful animation and is defiantly worth a watch.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

The spooky yet magical world of Tim Burton puts a Halloween twist on the typical Christmas movie in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our main character, Jack Skellington, is tired of the same old occurrences of Halloweentown and stumbles upon the warm bright happy places of Christmastown. However, Skellington’s intentions aren’t as wholesome as typically seen in Christmas movies as Skellington wants to kidnap Santa and ruin the spirit of Christmastown. This amazing movie can double as both a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie, the best of both worlds!

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