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21 Exclusive: She’s The Boss, Beauties with Brains Founder Indi Felder


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In case you missed out on the Beauties with Brains event, brought to you by Indi Felder, it was such a huge display of excellence that we have our entire season 5 of Level21 exclusive just from our time there. Level21’s Yamaris Polanco, Gabrielle Jackson and Jerry Thompson were on the scene in Raleigh NC, speaking to business and brand influencers and A list celebrities  like Megan Good.

Indi Felder, who is the founder of Beauties with Brains, shares advice on how to build a brand and through her websites she shares a bit of her motivation after years of breaking free from comparison to others on social media once she fell into depression. 

Indi has since launched a luxury hair collection and developed several business resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. Contributing to the world in many ways, Indi has begun public speaking and offering business consulting services. 

With a calling to uplift others, this New York native has overcome an early life of hardships, from being the victim of bullying at a young age and surviving a household full of domestic violence. Motivated to see a better life, she fought her way to a healthy life of prosperity and peace. 

“I have a light that other people feel in my presence. I allow others to be transparent and share their story. Allowing them to remove the feeling of being ashamed because we are all living proof.” – Indira “Indi” Felder.

Photography- Michael Lopez Bond

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