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Rihanna’s Fenty Hair: Bringing “Beauty for All” to Haircare


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Rihanna’s Fenty Hair is officially here, marking a significant milestone in the haircare world. With her “beauty for all” ethos, Rihanna hosted a star-studded launch party on Monday, June 10th, at Nya Studios in Los Angeles, where she proudly showcased her natural hair.

Fenty Hair Launch Party

The launch party was a vibrant celebration, reflecting Rihanna’s unique style and the inclusive spirit of her new haircare line. The event was a culmination of years of preparation and passion, with Rihanna herself announcing Fenty Hair on social media just a week before. In a short video, she expressed her excitement, stating, “Fenty Hair is pullin up and it’s time to finally have the hair experience you’ve been waiting for.”

“You know how much switching my hair up matters to me,” Rihanna continued in the caption. “I’ve had almost every texture, color, length, from weaves to braids to natural, so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need. It’s time to play and get stronger by the style.”

Fenty Hair’s Revolutionary Approach

Rihanna’s journey in building her Fenty empire has been nothing short of revolutionary. From makeup to fashion, her relentless work ethic has led to groundbreaking success. Fenty Hair is the latest jewel in her crown, a reparative haircare line featuring everything from shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and gels. Inspired by her own hair journey and formulated with a “beauty for all” ethos, Fenty Hair is designed to cater to every hair type and texture.

Back in 2017, Rihanna turned the beauty world upside down with Fenty Beauty, launching 40 inclusive foundation shades (now 50), proving that beauty is for everyone. Fenty Beauty generated $100 million within its first month, and it’s clear Rihanna isn’t stopping until every beauty niche is filled. Fenty Hair is a testament to her commitment to inclusivity and quality.

The Secret Ingredient

The secret sauce in Fenty Hair is Replenicore-5, a proprietary complex brimming with amino acids, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and antioxidant-rich green tea. Rihanna’s Barbadian roots also shine through with the inclusion of Barbados gooseberry, a tropical antioxidant that nourishes and strengthens hair. Upcycled jackfruit extract adds a nutrient-rich touch, helping to prevent dryness and breakage.

The Fragrance

All Fenty Hair products feature a warm, sensual, floral scent with notes of amber, lemon, sparkling yuzu, lily, freesia, and coconut. This rich, lush fragrance leaves your hair smelling divine, ensuring you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Let’s Break Down the Fenty Hair Lineup

The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo ($29)
This luxurious shampoo offers a plush, moisturizing lather that makes your daily wash feel extraordinary. Enriched with Replenicore-5, it gently cleanses while repairing split ends and reducing breakage. Perfect for all hair types, it hydrates without weighing down finer textures, leaving hair soft and strong.

The Rich One Moisture Repair Conditioner ($29)
A lightweight conditioner that melts on contact, delivering perfect moisture to fine to medium hair. Formulated with Replenicore-5, it de-frizzes and conditions, ensuring strands are smooth and sleek without a greasy finish, ideal for daily use.

The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner ($29)
Designed for thicker or highly textured hair needing extra hydration, this deeply moisturizing conditioner spreads and melts into dry strands, providing intense moisture and great slip for easy detangling. Replenicore-5 fortifies hair, reducing breakage and split ends.

The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment ($36)
A powerhouse treatment infused with Replenicore-5 and bond-building technology, it penetrates deep into the hair’s cortex to repair from the inside out. Versatile as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment, it’s perfect for serious hair rehab.

The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream ($28)
A non-crunchy cream that enhances waves, curls, and coils, providing touchable body and bounce. Replenicore-5 repairs while styling, reducing frizz and adding softness.

The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel ($26)
Ideal for slick styles and high-performance hold, this gel provides ultimate control while Replenicore-5 ensures hair remains healthy and strong. Perfect for polished, long-lasting styles without flaking or buildup.

The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel ($18)
This edge control gel smooths and locks hair in place all day without flaking. Powered by Replenicore-5, it provides continuous split-end repair while laying edges perfectly, minimizing thinning and breakage along the hairline.

The Protective Type 5-in-1 Heat Protectant Styler ($28)
A universal prep step for blow-drying, silk pressing, or diffusing, this styler protects hair from heat damage up to 450 degrees. It smooths, de-frizzes, detangles, and hydrates, while Replenicore-5 repairs split ends and reduces breakage.

The Sidestick 3-in-1 Edge Tool ($18)
An ergonomic, luxe tool for stepping up your edge-laying game, featuring a vegan bristled brush, comb, and precision chrome tip. Perfect for taming flyaways and crafting intricate baby hair designs, it’s a stylist’s dream for sleek, polished looks.


Rihanna’s Fenty Hair line is all about inclusive, high-performance hair care that addresses a wide range of needs. Whether you’re looking for daily maintenance or intensive repair, these products promise exceptional results while keeping your hair healthy, strong, and beautiful. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary new addition to the Fenty empire! And for even more celebrity haircare options, be sure to explore Beyoncé’s Cecréd, Rita Ora’s Typebea, and Brooke Shields’ Commence.

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