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Jungle-Inspired Beauty: The 2023 Carolina Fashion Awards


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The 2023 Carolina Fashion Awards, sponsored by LimeLife by Alcone, brought together the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entertainment in a spectacular showcase of creativity. With the theme “Welcome to the Jungle,” the event celebrated vibrant colors, bold statements, and nature-inspired aesthetics. As the Back of House Director and LimeLife-sponsored makeup artist, I worked alongside TV/film makeup artist Monique Soto and the talented head hair stylist, Majestic Styles by Misa. We collaborated to bring the designers’ visions to life, with Elisha Cutter and Tevin Baskerville showcasing their breathtaking collections. Let’s delve into the mesmerizing makeup and hair looks that graced the runway.

Beauty Photography By  Evanna Milea @evannamilea

LimeLife by Alcone: A Beauty Industry Powerhouse:

LimeLife by Alcone, the sister company of Alcone Co., is a highly respected name in the beauty industry. Known for its professional-grade makeup products, LimeLife curated a selection of exceptional cosmetics for the event. Some of the shades of eyeshadows and lip products were curated in collaboration with notably, renowned makeup artist Danessa Myricks, ensuring a range of high-quality options for the creative teams.

Celebrity Mua/ LimeLife by Alcone Global Director of Elevation, Jacob Hyzer & Level 21 Magazine Expert, MUA and LimeLife by Alcone Beauty Guide Chelley Denae’

Makeup Trends and Techniques:

Under the artistic guidance of myself and Monique Soto, the makeup looks showcased a variety of trends and techniques. One of the standout styles was the draped blush technique, adding a touch of ethereal allure to the models’ faces. Dewy skin with a healthy glow was also a prominent feature, achieved using LimeLife’s Dew Date face oil, which provided the perfect canvas for vibrant color palettes. Pops of vivid colors, inspired by the year’s Pantone color, adorned the eyes and lips, exuding confidence and playfulness.

Pantone Color of the Year, VivaMagenta MUA: Maeven Turner

Draped Blush (LimeLife by Alcone x Danessa Myricks”Oh Snap” Perfect Blush) MUA: Monique Soto

Hairstyles that Complemented the Jungle Aesthetic:

Majestic Styles by Misa, the head hair stylist, skillfully crafted hairstyles that harmonized with the jungle-inspired theme. Sleek ponytails radiated sophistication, while puff bubble ponytails added a touch of whimsy to the overall look. These versatile styles perfectly complemented the garments, accentuating the models’ features and allowing the outfits to take center stage.

Sponsorships by Salon Glow in Fayetteville, NC, owned by Rashida Potts, and Paul Mitchell-Charlotte added another layer of support and talent to the event. The involvement of these esteemed establishments brought forth their skilled makeup and hair students, who joined the team to contribute their creativity and expertise. Collaborating with Salon Glow and Paul Mitchell allowed for a diverse and dynamic team, showcasing emerging talent within the industry and further enhancing the overall makeup and hair looks at the 2023 Carolina Fashion Awards.

Salon Glow

Designers’ Collaborations and Requests:

Elisha Cutter and Tevin Baskerville, the talented designers featured in the show, had specific requests and collaborations in mind for the makeup and hair looks. Elisha desired pops of color that would not overpower the garments. To achieve this balance, LimeLife’s vibrant eyeshadows, blushes, and neutral lip colors were employed judiciously. Tevin’s pre-show look aimed for fresh, natural makeup to accentuate the male models’ features. For the second look, the makeup artists drew inspiration from forest tribes, incorporating the key color of blue using LimeLife’s “Oasis” perfect eyeshadow.

MUAs: Sarha Lena & Maeven Turner | Hairstylist: Majestic Styles by Misa & Paul Mitchell-Charlotte

LimeLife’s Sponsorship and Contribution:

LimeLife’s sponsorship played a vital role in the success of the event. The brand provided a range of essential makeup products, including eyeshadows, mascara, lip products, and face oil. The illuminator offered by LimeLife created a radiant, glowing effect on the models’ skin. Additionally, the Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirrors, supplied by LimeLife, ensured perfect lighting for makeup artists and hair stylists, enabling flawless application and styling.

Get the Look:

Among the multitude of captivating looks, one particular look stands out that can be recreated for every day or to elevate your look for an event. Watch this behind the scenes video with model Mariah Love Mills:

Model: Mariah Love Mills | MUA: Maeven Turner

Makeup Artist Maevene Turner created this look with Danessa Myricks Colorfix in “Valentine,” while LimeLife’s blush in “Pop” added a burst of vibrancy. Perfect Mascara and LimeLife eyeshadow shades 27 and 28 were expertly applied to create stunning brows that framed the models’ faces flawlessly. For the complexion, LimeLife’s Perfect Foundation provided a smooth and even base, complemented by the perfect color powder for contouring. A touch of blush in the shade “Peachy” added a warm glow, while the highlighter in blush #6 accentuated the models’ features. The final touch was achieved with LimeLife’s Enduring Lip Liner in “Dark Nude” and “Birthday Cake” Enduring Lip Color, resulting in captivating and alluring lips.

The 2023 Carolina Fashion Awards, sponsored by LimeLife by Alcone, offered a captivating journey into the jungle-inspired world of fashion and beauty. With LimeLife’s curated range of professional makeup products and the artistic expertise of our hair and makeup team, the makeup and hair look perfectly complemented the designs of Elisha Cutter and Tevin Baskerville. From draped blush and dewy skin to pops of vibrant color and stunning hairstyles, the runway was alive with creativity and innovation. LimeLife’s sponsorship and product range significantly contributed to the success of the event, ensuring that the models and their looks were nothing short of extraordinary. The 2023 Carolina Fashion Awards will undoubtedly be remembered as a true celebration of honoring Carolina’s fashion creatives.

Beauty Photography by Evanna Milea

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