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NC News: Exclusive-Haircare and Selfcare: How haircare brand äz is putting the customer first


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In a world where self-care has become almost a chore, another task we need to add to the already long list of daily requirements äz Craft Luxury Haircare created by North Carolina-based 8 The Salon, is making self-care easy again. The luxury brand was created by the team at 8 The Salon, which is owned and operated by husband-wife duo Rodger Azadaganian and Amy Troutman. Haircare has somehow become a luxury rather than a necessity for most, with 10-step regimens and products that have become ridiculously expensive. So isn’t it time we go back to basics? This is exactly what the team behind the äz brand and 8 The Salon strive to do, not just in the salon but in your homes as well.

Hair has always been an intimate and important aspect of an individual’s self-identity. From watching your mother carefully pin up her hair before a big meeting to seeing Uncle Jessie on Full House obsess over his locks, the importance of haircare and how it’s styled is instilled in us from an early age. While styles and trends may change, when you find what works for your face and lifestyle, you stick with it. I spoke with Rodger Azadganian about how helping a client find the specific cut, color, and texture that works for them is almost scientific. “We, like doctors, prescribe the right haircut to suit the bone structure and face shape and color that enhances skin tones and accentuates the eyes of the client.” This immense precision that the team at 8 The Salon utilizes offers a refreshing view into the haircare and beauty world.

8 The Salon Owners Amy Troutman and Rodger Azadganian

While the role 8 The Salon may have at home is different from the one they have in the salon, their motto surrounding money and their customers remains the same; “Always remembering that money is a byproduct of purpose, and our purpose is to constantly grow to offer the greatest value we possibly can each and every day.” Perhaps it is this focus on the product rather than money that draws in 8 The Salon’s clientele, that have given them the title of a luxury award-winning salon.

äz Haircare

Of course, we all love the wild hairstyles celebrities break out at the met gala, Oscars, and other red carpet events, but it is truly the every day that makes us, and the haircare industry what it is. While popular hairstyles change with the wind and New York Fashion week offers up the newest absurd hairstyle, the fundamentals stay the same. In fact, Azadganian pointed out that these unique hairstyles are just that,” It’s not a look that trickles down into the lives of people every day.” But why would this matter? In a society so focused on what celebrities do, wear and look like it takes people like Azadganian to realise that the everyday matters. It’s those overworked moms that just want to feel beautiful again and people that work hard but want their blow out to work even harder, that keep businesses like 8 The Salon and äz in business, so they will take care of the beautiful mundanity of the everyday.

Because the creator of this brand has over 35 years of experience in the haircare industry he knows that, like most things, the simpler the better. After spending three years crafting äz haircare, Azadganian and Troutman have created a product that focuses on the fundamentals of hair care and uses only the finest ingredients. As the world tries to become more ethical, we as a society try to spend our money on products that have value, but it’s hard to know where to begin this journey when we are bombarded with different products and regimens on every social media platform, Tv station, and billboard. We crave simplicity in our lives, and ãz Haircare seems to offer it. Maybe it’s time to embrace the simple.

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