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5 Amazing Ways To Keep A Happy Bridal Party


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Your bridesmaids play a major part in your wedding. It’s also likely that they have to dedicate time and money to your special day. It’s important to show your appreciation and help them enjoy the event. Here are just a few ways in which you can do that. 

Pay for your bridesmaids

Rather than getting your bridesmaids to pay for everything themselves, offer to help contribute some money. This includes buying their dresses, paying for their makeup or even even paying for their hotel room if you’re planning a bachelorette party away. This could be particularly appreciated if your bridesmaids don’t have a lot of money to spend. Some brides pay for everything, but this can quickly get expensive if you have lots of bridesmaids and are planning a glamorous wedding/bachelorette party – unless you’re keeping it low key, you may only want to partially pay for your bridesmaids so that you can spend more on the actual wedding.  

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Allow flat shoes on the wedding day

Not all women are comfortable spending the whole day in heels – particularly if it’s an outdoor event. Allowing flats could ensure that your bridesmaids are comfortable. Another compromise could be to ask your bridesmaids to wear heels for the ceremony, but flats for the reception party. 

Allow bridesmaids to choose their own dress

One of the biggest sources of bridesmaid quarrels is dresses. Many brides pick out dresses for their bridal party, but this doesn’t always go down well – certain bridesmaids may find a dress unflattering on their figure or may not like the style. Working together with your bridesmaids to choose a dress can help you to find something that most of the bridal party actually want to wear. Some brides even decide to forgo matching dresses, allowing each bridesmaid to pick out their own dress. This can ensure that every bridesmaid is comfortable with what they’re wearing.

Pamper your bridesmaids before the special day

Treating your bridesmaids to some spa treatment before the wedding could be a nice appreciative gesture. You could even combine spa treatment with hair and beauty trials by looking into specialist salons like Alternatively, you could make it part of the bachelorette party. Of course, there are many other luxurious experiences that you can treat your bridesmaids too as part of the bachelorette party from a champagne breakfast to chartering a yacht for the day. By paying for this, you can make it something that your bridal party can really enjoy.

Give each bridesmaid a gift hamper

Alternatively, you could treat each bridesmaid afterwards by giving each of them a gift hamper. It’s up to you what you put in this hamper. A few popular contents ideas include wine, bath bombs, chocolates and candles. You could even personalize each hamper to each bridesmaid. There could also be wedding souvenirs you can include in each hamper including framed photos or personalized bath robes. You can buy baskets online to fill with goodies, or you can buy pre-assembled bridal party hampers

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