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During COVID-19  the beauty industry has been affected drastically. We can no longer work on clients and events like Beautycon and The Makeup Show are canceled. Makeup artist and other beauty professionals that aren’t providing services beyond their physical capacity are really feeling it. In the midst of uncertainty, it has been beautiful seeing beauty professionals coming together to help each other. Here are 3 things you should be doing as a beauty professional or inspiring artist during quarantine:

Training/Self Development

Many beauty industry pros and marketing/branding coaches are offering classes and interactive webinars.  I recently had the pleasure of attending a free webinar on sanitation guidelines for makeup artist and enthusiast with MUA/Global Educator Danessa Myricks, MUA/Educator and Director of The Makeup Show James Vincent and Beauty Expert/Style Writer Felecia Walker. Hygiene and sanitation is an essential way we can protect ourselves and our clients. Check out this webinar and other courses at Danessa Myricks University.
Barbicide is offering a FREE Course that takes less than an hour earning you a portfolio-ready certificate showing your dedication to infection control in salons, spas, and barbershops. Click here to earn your certificate
Celebrity hairstylist and global creative director Kim Kimble is offering a free course on boosting your marketing. Click Here

Create Virtual Masterclasses and One on One Sessions for Your Clients

Director of Marketing turned MUA Tiyana Robinson has created an easy blueprint to launch an interactive masterclass or intimate on one session with your clients. Here’s a step by step guide to help you launch your first live online masterclass. Click here

Partner with a Brand to Provide Your Clients with Cosmetics

Partnering with a professional makeup brand was the best decision I’ve ever made. I can offer my clients full service by retailing makeup, makeup tools, and natural skincare instead of sending them to other stores. It is also another stream of income when I can not book appointments. Your clients, network, family and friends trust you and who better to shop with. LimeLife by Alcone is the sister brand of Alcone Co, respected in the beauty industry and used by professional makeup artists. Click here to get more information about partnering with LimeLife by Alcone as an Independent Beauty Guide and Elevate Artist. Elevate Artist is a group dedicated to bringing elite guests artists, in the fashion & commercial industry, from their major markets to you allowing artists to feel comfortable they are getting the most up to date information and techniques being currently used on sets around the world, without having to go far from the comforts of home.

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