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The Art Of January 2020

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Which County Is NC’s Wealthiest According to Study

WHICH COUNTY IS NC’S WEALTHIEST ACCORDING TO STUDY, Courtesy of The News& Observer. If you’re looking to achieve the American Dream, living in this North Carolina county may be your best shot.

Remembering Ed Filipowski, Powerhouse Fashion PR

NEW YORK, United States — Ed Filipowski, co-chairman of New York-based public relations agency KCD, died at his home in New York on Friday morning after complications following a recent surgery. He was 58.


While the video makes no mention of the typical predications, such as flying cars or time traveling, the narrator does note the possibility of tiny robots called nanobots, which will be placed in human bodies to enhance their capabilities.

Spirit: Top 6 Scriptures To Read When You Feel Sad

Here are 6 Scriptures to read when you feel sad about life. Even if you are not a religious person knowing and understanding that with growing knowledge and wisdom there will come times of sadness. We start to realize that everyone does not have our best interest at heart, some people want to hurt us and others.