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The Art Of October 2019

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ALL NEW HIPHOP: Big Greg – Oh No (ft. LaTruth)

Big Greg originally from Raleigh, NC, now based out of Charlotte. Big Greg is on a mission creating music that you will love without the use of profanity.In the “Oh No” video, Big Greg and LaTruth take us through an hilarious journey over a woman.

Zoë Kravitz is Officially Playing Catwoman

After much anticipation, and names slowly rolling in regarding the casting of Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman films, Zoë Kravitz has been announced as Catwoman. Kravitz will join an iconic group of women who have taken on the role alongside Robert Pattinson who has been announced as Batman.

Clueless Reboot Gets a Mysterious Twist

In the age of ‘90s pop-culture resurgence and constant reboots, naturally, the iconic ‘90s classic film, “Clueless” is coming back, but with a twist. This reboot will shift the tone of the original by taking a more “gritty” approach.


Society teaches us that therapy is for people who’ve run out of options. Unless you have a mental illness or a shattered relationship, you should be able to solve your problems.

Tyler Perry Opens His Own Major Film Studio in Atlanta

Hollywood took a seat while Atlanta took center stage on Saturday, October 5, when Tyler Perry opened his own major film studio. Through becoming the first African American in the U.S. to own a major movie studio Perry hopes to pay forward his success through his upcoming projects.