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Controversial Youtube Stars, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, Announce Engagement


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Youtuber, Jake Paul, proposed to fellow Youtuber, Tana Mongeau, at her 21st birthday party after dating for only two months. Many were unaware that the two were actually a couple, speculating that their relationship was not actually serious, and instead a stunt to increase their viewership.

Tana Mongeau gained popularity on Youtube through her scandalous storytime style videos. She came under fire during the summer of 2018 when she launched her own Youtube convention, which ultimately had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. In a docuseries by Shane Dawson, it was revealed that poor planning resulted in the convention failure, which many blamed Mongeau for.

Jake Paul, originally an actor best known for playing Dirk Mann on Disney’s “Bizaardvark,” and is now a Youtuber, popular among children, and known for exaggerated prank videos and other outrageous content. Shane Dawson filmed a docuseries based on Paul, diving into many of the controversies surrounding him as well.

Many believe the two met through Dawson.

At a nightclub in Las Vegas, Paul proposed to Mongeau during her 21st birthday party. She posted a story on her Instagram showing a birthday cake with the words “Will you marry me, Tana?” written on it.

In a video on Paul’s channel which documented the engagement, he said to Mongeau, “You’re awesome, and like actually awesome as f–k. I’ve really loved getting to know you, hanging with you and stirring up the internet over the past couple of months. This video is dedicated to you and your beautiful smile, and also to us becoming husband and wife.”

Paul proposed, offering Mongeau a Ring Pop, stating, “I like you. I like you a lot. Like so much. And I was thinking it would be dope if you would like, marry me. Tana Mongeau, take this strawberry kiwi Ring Pop and marry me.”

After accepting, Mongeau said, “My net worth just jumped a lot.”

Paul later gifted Mongeau an engagement ring, which some believe to be fake. However, Paul also gifted Mongeau a $124,000 Mercedes G Wagon.

Tana told fans on Twitter, “it’s not” a joke. “I’m engaged.”

Photo Source: E! News and Tana Mongeau’s Instagram

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