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Angus Cloud Grief Stricken before his passing at the age of 25


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Angus Cloud, the talented 25-year-old actor best known for his role in the HBO series Euphoria, faced immense grief upon the passing of his father, Conor Hickey. Family friends have revealed that the young star was so deeply affected by his father’s death that he found it difficult to attend a private ceremony to scatter his ashes. His emotional turmoil was evident, and he sought solace in his hotel room during the event, while other family members paid their respects at the family’s 100-acre farm in Laurelstown, County Meath.

The loss of his father was a devastating blow for Angus, leaving him in a state of shock and fragility. The actor had traveled to Ireland with his mother and twin sisters for the solemn occasion of scattering his father’s ashes. However, the weight of the moment proved too much for him to bear, and he found himself unable to face the final farewell to his beloved father. Family friend Mick Gleeson shared that Angus was “just so traumatised” and “in a very bad way.” He was grappling with the profound sorrow of losing his father, and the responsibility of being the man of the family seemed overwhelming to him.

Reflecting on his father’s place of birth and all the emotions tied to it, Angus may have felt inundated by memories and a sense of profound loss. Grieving the loss of a loved one is a unique and deeply personal experience, and it was apparent that Angus needed time to come to terms with his grief.

Despite his initial struggles, Angus eventually managed to regain his composure and participate in two other private ceremonies organized by the extended Hickey family. One ceremony involved scattering some of the ashes at the family farm, while another took place at a cemetery where his parents’ graves lay, and a third in County Offaly, the ancestral home of the Hickey family.

Conor Hickey’s death on May 18 was a result of cancer, leaving behind a heartbroken family and a devastated son. The pain was immense, and Angus grappled with severe suicidal thoughts in the aftermath of his father’s passing. His father had been a significant influence in his life, described as “his best friend.” The overwhelming sorrow seemed to grip Angus during his visit to County Meath, and he appeared in a “highly emotional state” as he attempted to cope with the loss.

As Angus Cloud navigates this difficult time, the love and support of his family and friends will be crucial. Grief is a complex and individual journey, and it may take time for him to find a sense of peace and acceptance. The public outpouring of condolences and tributes to his late father, along with the memories of their shared bond, will hopefully provide some comfort during this trying period.

Angus Cloud’s acting talent and dedication to his craft have garnered him a strong fan base, making his loss even more poignant for those who have admired his work. As he continues to grieve, it is essential to respect his privacy and allow him the space to heal and process his emotions. The entertainment industry and his countless fans stand in solidarity with Angus and send him love and support during this profoundly challenging time.

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