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Resident Speaks Out: Uncovering Disrespectful Business Practices at NU Wesley Apartments


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In a disappointing tale of disregard for residents, one particular tenant at the NU Wesley Apartments found herself entangled in a web of broken promises and disrespectful behavior. Despite being issued a parking sticker with the assurance that her vehicle would be safe from towing, her cars were unceremoniously towed just four days prior to her scheduled move-out. The gravity of the situation escalated when the resident approached the office manager, seeking accountability and reimbursement as per the initial agreement.

Regrettably, the response from the office manager was nothing short of condescending and disrespectful. Despite the apartments explicitly stating that towing would not be enforced on residents’ vehicles, the office manager dismissed the resident’s concerns, leaving her in a state of frustration and disbelief. Notably, this resident had been a part of the community for two years before NU Wesley took over.

screen shots of emails:

Attempting to seek resolution, the resident referred to an email confirmation from the regional manager, Audra Snyder, affirming the non-towing policy. Astonishingly, Audra Snyder disregarded the resident’s request, attributing it to the resident’s perceived “tone” in the email. It is crucial to note that residents, as paying members of the community, have every right to express dissatisfaction, even if their tone may not be pleasant.

When pressed for a statement regarding the disrespectful treatment and towing mishap, NU Wesley responded dismissively with a curt “nice try” and expressed an unwillingness to engage in any further discussion. Faced with such blatant disregard, the resident decided to take matters into her own hands, vowing to report the complex to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and alert various media outlets about the unprofessional conduct exhibited during a resident crisis stemming from staff negligence.

The resident’s primary objective is to inform the public about NU Wesley’s disrespectful practices, ensuring that no other residents fall victim to being talked down to, dismissed, or subjected to unfair towing practices that the owners refuse to rectify. Every resident deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and this resident’s unfortunate experience sheds light on the urgent need for reform in the way NU Wesley Apartments conducts its business.

For those who have experienced similar unfair business practices, the invitation is extended to reach out and share your story. Awareness is a powerful tool, and by coming forward, residents can collectively hold establishments accountable for their actions.

To stay informed and exercise caution when considering a move, please visit NU Wesley Apartments’ website: NU Wesley Apartments.

For direct inquiries or concerns, contact NU Wesley Apartments at +1 (704) 672-5575. Additionally, residents can email the Vice President, Audra Snyder, at [email protected] to voice their grievances and demand accountability.

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