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Naomi Osaka Shares Precious Moments of Motherhood with First Look at Newborn Daughter


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Tennis champion Naomi Osaka delighted fans as she took to Instagram on Thursday (July 13) to give them a glimpse into her life over the past few weeks, sharing the first photo of her newborn daughter. The heartwarming image featured her daughter’s adorable legs adorned in a tennis-themed onesie, capturing the essence of Osaka’s passion for the sport.

Captivating Snapshots

In a series of photos shared in the Instagram post, Osaka provided a glimpse into her journey through pregnancy and motherhood. From tender moments of cradling her pregnant belly to snapshots of her in the hospital bed before delivery, each image showcased the emotional and transformative experience she has embraced. The collection of photos served as an intimate window into the joyous moments she has shared with her daughter.

A Cool Intermission

With the photo dump, Osaka expressed her gratitude to her fans for their patience and support during her hiatus. The 25-year-old athlete captioned the post with a lighthearted message, stating, “Well, that was a cool little intermission, now back to your regularly scheduled program.” This playful statement hinted at her return to the tennis court and her commitment to her career while embracing her new role as a mother.

A New Chapter

Osaka revealed her pregnancy news back in January through a heartfelt post on Twitter. Sharing an ultrasound photo, she expressed her appreciation for life’s fleeting moments and the blessings that come with each day. With a sense of excitement and gratitude, she looked forward to the future, expressing her anticipation for the day when her child would watch her matches and proudly exclaim, “That’s my mom!”

Osaka’s journey into motherhood has been intertwined with her relationship with Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae. The couple has been dating since 2019 when Osaka posted a playful video on Instagram featuring Cordae. In the endearing clip, the tennis star couldn’t help but giggle as Cordae playfully admired himself in a mirror, creating a light and joyful moment between the two.

Embracing Motherhood

Naomi Osaka’s decision to share these intimate moments with her fans highlights her willingness to let them be a part of her joy and growth as a person and as a mother. While her professional tennis career is of immense importance, she has gracefully embraced the new chapter of motherhood, demonstrating her commitment to both her personal and professional aspirations.

As Osaka navigates the demanding world of tennis, she also begins a journey of motherhood, intertwining her passion for the sport with the love and responsibility she feels for her daughter. With each match she plays, she will be inspiring her child, creating a legacy that transcends the boundaries of the tennis court. Osaka’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to being a role model for her child exemplify her strength and resilience.

Naomi Osaka’s Instagram post showcasing her newborn daughter offers a heartwarming glimpse into the beginning of her journey as a mother. With an endearing tennis-themed onesie and a collection of snapshots capturing the emotions and milestones of her pregnancy, Osaka invites her fans to celebrate this precious moment with her. As she balances her roles as a tennis superstar and a loving mother, Osaka continues to inspire and captivate the world with her unwavering determination and profound love for both her sport and her family.

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