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Listen Up It’s Netty Parker On TwentyOne TV Season 4


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Netty Parker is a talented and ambitious up-and-comer that everyone should look out for. Parker is originally from the Bronx in New York but moved to the small town of Lincolnton, North Carolina with his family when he was just 10 years old. The now 26-year-old says that going from the hustle and bustle of New York to a quiet small town gave him perspective and ultimately led to his start of making music. Netty graduated from Lincolnton high school and decided he wanted to leave the small-town life behind and find something new by moving to Charlotte. That change of pace had a price as Parker was almost homeless, living in the dining room of his friend’s apartment.

Netty had a passion for music his whole life but took a break in order to pay his bills. He started working door-to-door selling internet to people after being inspired by an interview with Jamie Foxx where he said “2 years of door-to-door is equivalent to 4 years of college.” Netty was able to meet different individuals every day and approach different personalities which then allowed him to understand people more and more. He used this as a launchpad to make himself a better artist. He even developed an entire mantra around “internet” calling himself Internetty Parker. Netty realized that although he was selling the internet, it wasn’t what people were buying into as they were really buying into Netty as a person. Although he was really excited to learn about this industry he was moving into the present started hitting. He realized he was chasing this amount of money he couldn’t get from doing music. Although this was true, making music isn’t about getting rich to him, it is being able to tell his story. When Netty isn’t making music he’s exercising, playing basketball, or watching documentaries. Parker describes himself as someone who is very interested in learning new perspectives in order to make himself, his work, and his music better. In 5 years, Parker sees himself being the CEO of his own record label, where he will be able to live out his dreams and be financially free as a black man in this country. Netty’s friends would describe him as charismatic, witty, and a confident young man who is comfortable in his own skin.

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