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J. Cole Issues Public Apology to Kendrick Lamar for Controversial Diss Track at Dreamville Festival


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At the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, J. Cole surprised fans by publicly apologizing to Kendrick Lamar for his recent diss track, “7 Minute Drill,” which sparked controversy in the hip-hop community. Addressing the crowd, Cole expressed deep regret for his actions, acknowledging that the diss track “didn’t sit right” with him spiritually.

“When I listen to it… that s— don’t sit right with my spirit,”

J. cole

Cole admitted during his performance at Dreamville Festival. The rapper, known for his introspective lyrics, appeared visibly remorseful as he reflected on his recent musical release.

Cole’s apology comes after the release of “7 Minute Drill,” which targeted Lamar in response to his verse on “Like That,” a track from Future and Metro Boomin’s recent album. In his verse, Lamar rejected the notion of being part of a “big three” alongside Drake and Cole, prompting Cole’s response.

In his diss track, Cole took aim at Lamar’s career, stature, and relevance in the hip-hop industry. However, at Dreamville Festival, Cole openly admitted that he regretted “downplaying” Lamar’s contributions to hip-hop and acknowledged Lamar’s greatness as an artist.

“I’m so proud of this album, but that diss track… it’s the lamest s— I ever did in my f—ing life,” Cole confessed to the crowd, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with his own actions.

Cole’s public apology marks a significant moment in the ongoing feud between the two acclaimed rappers. Despite their previous collaborations and mutual respect, tensions escalated with the release of “7 Minute Drill,” prompting Cole to confront the controversy head-on.

As Cole sought redemption on stage, he expressed hope for forgiveness from both Lamar and his fans. “If Kendrick wants to fire shots after ‘7 Minute Drill,’ I’m ready to take that on the chin,” Cole declared, signaling his willingness to move forward from the conflict.

The Dreamville Festival audience responded with support for Cole’s apology, affirming their belief in Kendrick Lamar’s legacy as one of the greatest artists in hip-hop history. Cole concluded his address by expressing gratitude to his fans and reaffirming his commitment to his “true path” as an artist.

With his heartfelt apology, J. Cole has taken a significant step towards reconciliation in the world of hip-hop, setting the stage for potential future collaborations and mutual respect between two of the genre’s most influential figures.

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