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Hozier: Unreal Unearth


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In late 2021 Irish musician Hozier announced the release of a new album Unreal Unearth. After almost three years of silence from Hozier, fans are more than excited to have new music, but when that new music may come is still a mystery. When announcing the album the Irish musician revealed the name of the new album and its release date which is sometime in 2022. However, almost eight months into 2022, no new music fans, including myself, are going crazy with anticipation. While we wait for the new music let’s take a look back at Hoziers best songs.

1) Jackie and Wilson

Jackie and Wilson is one of Hozier’s less popular songs but was featured on his self-titled debut album, making it an essential piece of his growing career. The title of the song is based on iconic R&B singer Jackie Wilson, who was integral in the creation of soul music from R&B. Like the music of Jackie Wilson, the narrative voice isn’t sure what they are made of, but perhaps it is a little bit of soul, R&B and gospel music. While there are many fascinating levels to this song, it mostly is just a feel-good tune you can turn up and drive to on a sunny day, which is rare for Hozier.

Hozier’s First Album – Hozier

2) Tell it to my Heart

While happy music is out of character for Hozier, EDM is even more out of character, which is why EDM hit ‘Tell it to my Heart’ featuring Meduza was such a shock to fans. The acoustic and soulful Hozier tends to stick to his guitar and classic melodies, however, ‘Tell it to my Heart’ takes his rhythmic style and adds the perfect twist to a dance party. After radio silence for two years, Hozier fans were thrilled at the release of this song, making it an automatic hit. The genius of this song isn’t actually in the music but in the marketing, because Meduza and Hozier have such different audiences it was able to reach a much wider breadth of people.

Wasteland Baby!

3) Talk

Slow ballads like Hoziers Talk from his Wasteland Baby! album is truly his forte. This song expresses feelings we have all felt but can only communicate in loud sobs with ice cream in our mouths, while Hozier is able to eloquently express the exact same emotions. His lyrical genius is one of Hozier’s major skills, twisting words and making them beautiful is what keeps us Hozier fans coming back. This song in particular truly showcases Hoziers talent as he references greek literature, and somehow ties it into heartbreak.

Keeping all these songs in mind, Hozier fans should be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of his new album. The ‘Take me to Church’ singer has grown so much since the release of his first album, making each new addition to his discography extremely exciting. Unreal Unearth will be filled with lyrical beauty and hopefully a very interesting mix of music, now that we have seen Hozier dabble in EDM he truly is limitless.

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