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Frank Ocean Releases Two New Songs ‘Cayendo’ and ‘Dear April’


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Frank Ocean recently resurfaced after months of silence to release two new tracks, “Cayendo” and “Dear April” on his Youtube channel and on streaming services. Fans were understandably excited to see releases from Frank Ocean as he is notorious for disappearing between releases. 

Frank Ocean’s mystery most likely heightens public interest in him, causing the release of these two tracks to immediately send fans into a social media frenzy. 

Ocean previewed these tracks on his Beats 1 radio show in October and then again they started circulating online earlier this week when 7″ vinyl preorders became available for the two tracks. The two vinyl disks feature the “acoustic” A-sides of each song, as well as B-side remixes from French electronic duo, Justice, and hip-hop producer, Sango. 

The tracks themselves mirror songs from his past releases, such as “Self Control,” and “Skyline To,” in that they are stripped back in production with melancholy lyrics and tone that drive the overall theme of longing. His past songs reference a past summer which he is reflecting on, whereas the two new songs, “Dear April” and “Cayendo,” reference a summer that may never come. 

The new tracks also feature bilingual lyrics, with Ocean singing in spanish at points.

As Ocean is known to work in isolation, and is rarely seen publicly, his music has recently become eerily relevant in the lives of his fans, with many stating that being quarantined has made the new tracks even more impactful.

Many fans are hopeful though that his recent scattering of single releases are signaling a larger project’s release in the near future, similarly to the case with his last album, “Blonde.” Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but with Ocean’s Coachella performance being postponed, he has a lot to think about. 

Photo Source: DJ Booth

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