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Dee-1 Renounces Top 5 MCs List to Distance from Glorification of ‘Ignorance’


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Dee-1, the New Orleans native and advocate for positive music content, has decided to scrap his Top 5 MCs list. Citing his unwavering stance against music that glorifies violence and negativity, Dee-1 shared his epiphany in the latest segment of his comprehensive Art of Dialogue interview, published on January 23.

Dee-1 acknowledged that maintaining a Top 5 list would make him a hypocrite, given that many of the rappers he once admired were known for content that conflicts with his values. Nas, however, secured a spot on his revised list due to the legendary rapper’s evolved messaging. Dee-1 expressed his admiration for Nas, labeling him his favorite rapper and commending the growth reflected in his work.

The rapper explained, “I’m to the point now where I realize that I can’t have a Top 5 no more because my Top 5 would have been people who at some point in their life or their career, they were glorifying the stuff that we need to be fighting against.”

While Nas and Lupe Fiasco were deemed acceptable by Dee-1, he refrained from including others in his Top 5, acknowledging the internal conflict their content would create. Dee-1 also hinted at JAY-Z’s evolution but did not place him in the coveted list.

This bold revelation follows Dee-1’s earlier criticism of N.W.A. and their legendary status. In a previous part of the interview, he questioned the appropriateness of considering N.W.A. a legendary group due to their explicit content, particularly their glorification of violence. Dee-1, while recognizing their contribution to the genre, argued that their negative impact on the community should prompt a reevaluation of their legendary status.

Dee-1’s advocacy against glorification of violence extends beyond the music industry. In another instance, he expressed his disapproval of a video featuring children dancing to Drake and Sexyy Red, emphasizing the need to safeguard young minds from exposure to inappropriate content.

In a thought-provoking exploration of Hip Hop’s responsibility, Dee-1 urged a reconsideration of the term “legend” within the industry. He suggested that perpetuating negativity by labeling artists as legends, despite contributing to the glorification of violence, disrespect of women, and drug-related themes, does a disservice to the community.

Dee-1’s decision to abandon his Top 5 MCs list serves as a powerful testament to his commitment to positive messaging in music and his refusal to compromise on his values. As he continues to challenge norms within the industry, Dee-1 positions himself as a vocal advocate for a more responsible and uplifting narrative in Hip Hop.

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