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21 Exclusive: Behind the Grind with Artist Jung Coasta


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A Level TwentyOne Exclusive With Emerging Rapper Jung Coasta

Getting to that next level as a musician and rapper is anything but an overnight ordeal, no matter what you may have heard from Twista. claims that it takes an average of 10 years of hustle for a rapper to really blow up. Staying focused through years of albums, traveling, interviews and shows is anything but easy. Emerging Rapper, Jung Coasta, gave us here at Level21 an exclusive glimpse of what he has learned along the grind. 

Let’s take it back to the beginning where the man got his name. Who really is Jung Coasta? Well, he started out as a 14 year old boy that loved to be behind the wheel of a car. 

“I used to jump on the highway, go out on the town, and just drive ‘coast to coast’” Coasta laughed as he explained how his friends started calling him by his now stage name. He may not be 14 years old anymore, but the St. Louis native is still representing his city down South in one of the biggest hip hop capitals in the world – the ATL.

“I’ve lived in Atlanta for about a year and a half now, so it’s most definitely a second home for me,” he explained when we asked about a recent show he had just wrapped up. It wasn’t long ago that he was down in Miami performing on stage with the “Uncle” and renowned rapper, Nelly.

It’s moments like these that motivate Coasta to keep pushing forward.

“I always have moments like that. Music never gets old to me, and that made my passion for music be way more just to see that crowd. I wasn’t even scared or nothing,” he laughed. “I was just like I’m here now, let’s go.”

That passion began all the way back in St. Louis through friends, family, and artists that inspired him along the way like Nelly, Yo Gotti, Rich Homie Quan, and Meek Mill. The first time that his industry big brothers let him in the studio was another big moment for Coasta, but it didn’t come easy. 

“They used to be hard on me though. They’d be like, man you ain’t ready to be on the song,” he reminisced, “I always believed in myself, but seeing people’s reaction to my records motivates me to keep going,” he shared.

The inside scoop straight from the source is all about his fresh mixtape with a drop date of October 8th called with Just in Time. These thirteen tracks are ready to bring you all the real vibes. “Oh, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. It’s about the ladies, it’s about the struggle. Like I said, it’s about me. I got a story to tell, and I just need people that want to listen,” Coasta said.

Coasta is currently signed to the Derrty Entertainment record label, founded by Nelly who is the CEO and led by President and rapper, Ali. The Label based out of St. Louis also features artists like Murphy Lee and R&B singer Avery Storm.

One thing we can say without a doubt is that Jung Coasta’s music is just about as real as it gets, and his process tells it all. 

“I’ll be sitting in front of the microphone, sitting in front of the computer, and just let it all out. Sometimes I make six, seven songs in one night and only two of them be bangers, but other ones I build ideas off,” Coasta explained as he walked us through his creative process, “I haven’t written down a lyric in I don’t know how long. I go straight in on the mic and express my feelings into the microphone.” 

And that’s just a glimpse into how the studio magic happens, but you know it wouldn’t be a music feature without us sharing some of our favorites- new and old from Jung Coasta himself. 

There are different moods he takes us through, but if you’re ready to just have a good time our go to’s are Yeah Yeah or I just Might. If you’re looking for more of a chill vibe, we’ve got that for you too. You can tune into Over and Over or Flex ft.Jung Tru

Ready to get your grind on and need some tunes to take it to the next level? Better listen to Boss ft. Yo Gotti, or No Days Off. Finally, if you’re looking for the latest and the greatest you are just in time to tune into his Coasta’s Just in Time mixtape.

You can listen to these and more if you follow Jung Coasta on Spotify, and you can see even more behind the scenes and live content through Instagram @JungCoasta_ right now. He’s on the rise, he’s taking No Days Off and you heard it here first at Level TwentyOne. Make sure to show your love and support the grind to one of the realest in the rap game as he takes his story from coast to coast. 

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