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Aly & AJ Set The Record Straight About Which of Their Songs Joe Jonas Inspired


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Most millennials who grew up in the early 2000’s remember the Disney sister duo, Aly and AJ. The two sparked social media interest when their biggest hit, “Potential Breakup Song,” was rumored to be about fellow Disney musician, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, however the duo revealed their song, “Flattery,” to be the song he actually inspired.

AJ briefly dated Joe Jonas when the two were still on Disney Channel, and soon following their breakup, their album, “Insomniatic,” was released featuring both tracks.

YouTuber Elle Mills went viral when she posted to Twitter an old photo of AJ and the Jonas Brothers, with the caption, “Ok so you’re telling me that i went 13 years not knowing that one of the greatest songs ever written was about joE JONAS THIS ENTIRE TIME,” she wrote, referencing “Potential Breakup Song.”

Aly & AJ, Tweeted back on their shared account, “Flattery not Potential.”  Flattery being a lesser know track from that same album, “Insomniatic.”

The song “Flattery,” certainly isn’t the only instance in which Joe Jonas has inspired a breakup song. Taylor Swift wrote the infamous “Forever and Always” about Jonas and Demi Lovato wrote “Gonna Get Caught” about him as well.

Aly & AJ first made their appearance on Disney Channel with Aly appearing in the tv show, “Phil of The Future,” and the two appearing together in the movie, “Cow Bells.” They soon found their strengths were in music as one of Disney’s most successful musical acts. With the revival and reboots of nostalgic content popping up all over pop culture, groups like the Jonas Brothers have made their way back into the spotlight with reignited careers. Aly & AJ have done the same, making a musical comeback.

Aly & AJ have since released several projects, with their most recent being the single, “Attack of Panic,” a track that was much darker than previous music released by the two. The song deals with issues of mental health and being overwhelmed by the situations that surround oneself.

“Chaos is so relevant right now,” AJ told Vanity Fair, “especially as young women in our 20s and 30s figuring out where we want to go in life, who we want to be, how we’re looked at.”

Photo Source: Rolling Stone

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