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CMVA Exclusive: Aeson, Crafting Independence, Individuality, and Musical Magic


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Aeson, best Pop Music Video winner at the CMVA 2023, rising artist, draws inspiration from a childhood marked by creativity, independence, and a relentless pursuit of uniqueness. In an exclusive insight into his journey, Aeson shares how his early experiences and influences shaped his independent approach to his craft.

From a young age, Aeson’s creativity and vision set him on a path of independence in his craft. Inspired by his favorite artists, he immersed himself in behind-the-scenes footage and interviews to understand the intricacies of their creative processes. This dedication laid the foundation for Aeson’s meticulous planning and execution in both his music and music videos. Reflecting on his upbringing, Aeson credits his mother’s independence as a significant influence, instilling in him the value of self-reliance.

Aeson emphasizes the importance of being unique in an industry that often lacks individuality due to social media. His niche revolves around individuality, a principle he passionately stands for. His recent project, “Gon do It,” exemplifies his commitment, taking a day to film under his garage with green screening but dedicating three months to design, edit, and render the final product. This meticulous approach reflects Aeson’s dedication to creating content that stands out.

Inspired by the likes of SZA, Aeson channels his personal experiences into his music. SZA’s ability to transform life struggles into magical art motivates Aeson to express his own journey through his music. Delving into production, Aeson explores creating unique sounds and harmonies, pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression.

As Aeson encourages his Lionz (his fans) to stay true to themselves, he reflects on his growth and the possibility of creating a song with whistle tones—a skill he learned but rarely employs. This playful inclination showcases Aeson’s openness to exploring new dimensions in his music.

In a candid moment, Aeson contemplates his life before pursuing music—an existence filled with aimless activities and a sense of being a nobody. His transformative journey highlights the impact music has had on reshaping his identity and purpose.

Expressing concerns about the impact of social media on the music industry, Aeson acknowledges its inevitability for current artists but laments its potential role in diminishing the essence of music. Despite recognizing its necessity, Aeson reflects on the challenges social media poses to the purity of musical expression.

When asked about his favorite song to perform, Aeson intriguingly responds leaving room for anticipation and curiosity about his evolving catalog.

For those eager to explore Aeson’s musical universe, he invites them to find all his music on all streaming platforms and YouTube under the name Aeson.n. As Aeson continues to carve his path in the music industry, his commitment to independence, individuality, and musical magic sets the stage for an artist poised to make a lasting impact.

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