What If Everyone Was Rich?

Any working class citizens, such as myself, ever wish they could win the lottery? I’m sure a lot of readers out there are wondering what it would be like to be filthy rich – but what if we all were? What do you think the world would be like?

Well, an author named Tom Liberman wrote an article on his hypothesis of what a world full of wealthy people would be like. And he fantasizes that it would be a world where no one would be working and likely nothing would ever get done because we wouldn’t have to work. But then there’s the question of where did all this money come from if no one worked for it?

Rather than falling into a rabbit hole of questioning logic, let’s just roll with the idea of a world of nothing but wealthy elites. I personally find the idea of a world like this to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the world is free of poverty, hunger, and pretty much everyone has the opportunity to get whatever they wanted. Sounds nice, right? On the other hand, what purpose do we have if no one knows what it is like to struggle? For some people, working towards a goal is part of the enjoyment of life. Some people do not want to be handed everything. If everyone was born rich, does life really have much of a meaning if no one is working towards a goal or finding their calling in life?

In Liberman’s essay on this topic, he believes that people aren’t truly working for money, but for achievement. He believes that people want to feel like they’ve worked for something, which in turn, will make us happier. I can agree with him on that. I’d like to assume that a lot of people want to work towards something, whether it be a big or small achievement. Money is just one of the rewards you can receive for attaining your goals.

He concludes his article by stating that if we make achieving a goal the priority rather than money, wealth will follow. I believe this is also true. Sometimes, people choose a career for how well it pays instead of focusing on how to excel at that career. Money is nice, but you should never allow money to be the sole reason you choose a career.

So again, if all seven billion of us were rich, it would be quite a utopian society – but for how long? It would probably be luxurious for sure, though could we really call it luxurious if it is an everyday reality? Personally, I appreciate vacations so much more when I feel like I’ve earned them.

What do you all think? Would you like a world where everyone is wealthy? Let us know.

Link to Tom Liberman’s article: https://tomliberman.liberty.me/if-everyone-was-a-millionaire-what-would-happen/

Written by Chris Lewis

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