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21 Exclusive: Let’s Talk War in Ukraine and It’s Invasion by Russia


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Its only been two weeks and the world is reeling over the war in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine. Since Russia’s descent into Ukraine, they have taken over three cities “Kyiv in the North, Kharkiv in the northeast and Kherson in the south,” [1] however experts are hopeful for the Ukrainian people, who refuse to give up in spite of being outnumbered and the majority unarmed, left to their own devices up until aide had been provided. Things are beginning to turn around for the Ukrainian people with a President unwilling to give up, active in the field and dedicated in spite of “three assassination attempts” [2] by his opposition, experts believe it is unlikely that Russia will be successful in taking over Ukraine who are now “facing tougher armed resistance [by Ukraine] than expected and harsh Western sanctions.” [3] 

Photo Cred. NY TIMES

The UN has recently condemned Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian people, “approv[ing] of a nonbinding resolution condemning Russia for invading Ukraine and demanding it withdraw its military forces.”  [4] Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is beyond mere “occupation,” and is beginning to border on side of “genocide,” with locals in Ukraine calling The President of Russia: Putin, “Putler,”  [5] following Putin’s deliberate remarks describing the purpose for invasion to “denazify the country,” such “baseless propaganda” fails to take away from the fact that Ukrainian civilians are dying under the direction of Putin.  [6] President Zelensky of Ukraine, declaring the invasion a “war crime … [and] a deliberate destruction of people.” [7] 

Although a Ukrainian delegation has met twice with Russian Officials on the border with Belarus, [8] peace agreements are still in the works, [9] it took two meetings to arrive to some consensus action, in order to protect innocent civilians from dying, the second talk ending with “two sides agreeing on a tentative plan to create a humanitarian corridor.”  [10] The shelling of Kharkiv immediately followed those proceedings, which just goes to show how relentless Russia is in their pursuit of Ukraine. Adding pressure to NATO countries and for the US to respond. Helping Ukraine is no longer a question it’s a movement, with hopes that current ongoing sanctions will loosen Russia’s hold over the Ukrainian people, forcing them out of the region. Especially since the UN has “scaled up humanitarian aide,” making it a priority to “evacuate civilians, [and] foreigners, from combat zones,” secure a corridor for evacuees, and implement a ceasefire in two regions of Ukraine which is currently underway, while other areas area are still under attack. [11] Its reassuring to know that no one is passively watching from the sidelines and as the war on Ukraine continues more and more aide is being provided to the Ukrainian people, and those fighting. [12]

While Russia has been campaigning to take Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have been suffering. Russian troops recently set fire to “Europe’s largest nuclear power plan,” in the “southeastern” part of Ukraine, the most recent point of invasion, threatening not only Ukraine but also nearby European countries who would suffer too upon a nuclear meltdown, firetrucks struggling to get to the location to put out the flames, under attack. The police in Ukraine have even received training from American police and support from NYPD reports Fox News, to help “Ukrainians scrambling to escape the unprovoked war in their country.” [13] Although its highly unlikely that Ukrainian crime will ensue like it has in America, following the weakening of political powers within our Country, most are trying to flee unable to live in a Country that cannot thrive in peace post-war, a new future awaits for its people. In, Zelensky is quoted as describing the horrific war unfolding as a “big disaster” with a “high price,” costing people “money, reputation, quality of life,” not to mention Ukrainians losing their freedom, their loved ones, and even themselves.  [14] A far cry from the US’s recent battles in crime necessitating police and national guardsmen during protests in a Country Seth Meyers describes as “attacking itself,” [15] we have experienced our own crisis, but non-like the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine which is on the verge of World War 3, [16], had Ukrainian been a member of NATO would have received military support and defense, one Country away from getting involved on Ukrainian soil would make it just that, so far only arms have been sent, but not enough in time to help civilians, who have taken it upon themselves to get creative, metal workers creating spiked traps to throw in the road to defend against the travel of tanks, after one toppled a civilian vehicle on the freeway filmed by Fox News, a pathetic example of unnecessary use of force upon peaceable citizens, and this should not continue, not with the world watching. Sending troops would only “lead to a wider war, and even nuclear conflict.” [17] 

Credit: Atlantic Council

Nowhere is safe, and those remaining in Kyiv fear for their lives, doing their best to flee from physical danger, where “artillery attacks [have] ravaged hospitals, public squares, and apartment buildings … [resulting] in food shortages, loss of work and … medical supplies.”  [18] Families have been separated, and men ages 18-60 have been forced to stay in Ukraine to help fight off the Russians from attacking their homeland  [19] ( In a mass exodus millions of Ukrainians have fled cities under attack, to “safer regions of Western Ukraine,” and into bordering countries including Poland.  [20] 

Only recently the world pleading with China to make Russia stop, since their amicable public ties were made more than public and apparent at the Olympics, a world event that could have done without the publicity of their friendship on center stage prior to the invasion, a gross use of media attention not for the good of the public conscious to follow. ( And just as Russia was piling more than “100,000 Russian troops” on the border of Ukraine, China was rumored to tell Putin to wait until the end of the Olympics to invade Ukraine, not taking sides since the invasion encouraging “both sides … to stop the fighting.”  [21] While the west is issuing sanctions, Asian countries with “weaker ties to the West have been more reluctant to act,” making them fall prey to “the economic ministry in Moscow,” who “seek to expand economic ties with Asia to help offset Western sanctions.”  [22] 

President Zelensky active on social media, has urged his countrymen to stay banded together in solidarity against Russia. While Ukrainian organizations in the west have begun to organize “prayer services” urging elected officials “to speak up against Russian aggression.”  [23] The growing anxiety parallels Zelensky’s outcry that “it’s a pity,”  [24] he describes in speaking about “Biden and the West’s support [coming] after the war started,” perhaps this is why there is so much growing “anxiety”   [25] among those watching, had we been there sooner, maybe things could have turned out differently. In addition, Biden is still unclear as to whether foreign oil from Russia will be discontinued,  [26] among the sanctions being issued. Its clear that the world has responded, new economic sanctions on Russia continue by the day, companies refusing business, banning Russian vodka in bars,  [27] and many Countries standing together on the side of Ukraine with promises to render humanitarian aide at this time.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “western powers [have] imposed sanctions on Russia’s central bank.”  [28] ( Meanwhile, Ukraine has declared a state of emergency, with fatalities mounting, and packed metro stations bring used as bomb shelters, amid air raid sirens going off in the middle of the night.  [29] ( One Ukranian resident and employee of Level21 Magazine reports, that he has to run to underground shelters or underground parkings, in the event of an attack, the nearest is 12 mins away walking distance, with no internet connection or mobile connection, making it difficult to keep in touch with family in cities nearby bombarded with tanks and helicopters. He reminds us that “our home is planet earth …. And in order to be powerful we need to be United.” In fact, that’s exactly how the world has responded, in “Central London, thousands of Ukrainians waved their national flag, chanting “Stop Putin, stop the war,” and “Shelter our sky” to call for a no-fly zone.  [30] c


The people of Ukraine have been united in their stance, protesting, and arming themselves. Recently Ukraine was asked to join the European Union,  [31] which has resulted in the E.U. imposing Sanctions on Russia too. Humanitarian support is being provided by NATO, the US Military, France, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, and Croatia, as promised. Nasdaq and NYSE have halted the trading of Russian company stocks, “BP and Shell, [and] global bank[s],” [32] ( aircraft leasing agencies, Switzerland is freezing assets, law firms, and companies are ceasing connections with Russia, including social media platforms Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook “block[ing] Russian state media in E.U.,”  [33] removing accounts, and monitoring misinformation. Among the sanctions, include suspending Russian teams “from all international soccer matches,” including the 2022 World Cup.  [34] While the UN Human Rights Council stands in support of the Ukrainian people, accusing Russia of committing war crimes against them. 

Celebrities have also made an effort to provide aide in support of Ukraine, Bethenny Frankel of “BStrong” is helping Ukranian Refugees at the border in Poland to help provide basic relief and to help relocate them to safe and comfortable locations [35]; and Airbnb is helping those displaced. Charities are “working to cushion the devastation,” that “the Russian military is imposing on the everyday lives of the Ukrainians.”  [36] Charities at work include: Sunflower of Peace, People in Need, CARE International, International Medical Corps, and United Help Ukraine

The war is even unpopular in Russia, only some 8% polled thought that “Russia should send military forces to fight against Ukrainian government troops,” [37] [39] before the invasion. Some 6,006 people in Russia have been arrested so far protesting the war in Ukraine, a movement created by former “jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny,” calling for civil disobedience in Russia. [38] [40] One US Senator, Lindsey Graham, was recently condemned by Russian Officials, for his comment suggesting for Russians to “attack from within,” [39] [41] which he called encouraging acts of terrorism, a clear miscommunication in the unrelenting defiance of Russia, without the comprehension necessary and with sympathy for the Ukrainian people, no one is entitled to harming innocent people without regard for their human right to withhold sovereignty in their homeland of choice free from attack, [40] [42] a peace treaty which would ring true for organizations such as the UN who is now making an executive attempt to curtail violence and its extremes in Ukraine, while Russia recently suffers a military loss of a senior official taken out by Ukraine, likely to motivate continued counter attacks on Ukraine. In order for any peace to be achieved eventually one side must stop, and if the powers among them cannot be delegated accordingly, in the end we hope that more lives will be saved than lost, even if an immediate resolution cannot be achieved, at least the war can end in peace having done our best. Recent ceasefires show promise, may Ukrainian’s be free to exist, free of harm, that is my hope.

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