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The Keys: Careers That Fund Your Wanderlust


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If you’re someone who loves to see the sights, being stuck behind a desk in an office from 9-5 is less than ideal. On the other hand, having a job that can fund your ability to see those sights is essential, so you may be at a bit of a catch 22 – or are you? There are many careers you can pursue that would allow you to pursue your travel addiction – sometimes at the same time. So, why not take a look at these careers that will allow you to fund the travel bug.

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In a world where images and videos mean everything, a career in photography can certainly take you around the world. Studying photography will give you an upper hand as you’ll learn the best angles, which equipment is worth the money and techniques to capture amazing shots that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The best part? Even if you can’t find a 9-5, you can travel and sell the pictures you take along the way.


It’s no secret that there aren’t nearly enough nursing staff in pretty much any hospital or practise around the world, and while nursing isn’t often something people associate with those who travel, you could do it to help fund it! Imagine touring the USA and making a pitstop in New York to find you need to make some extra cash. Taking on NY travel nurse jobs is a great way to top up your funds while doing what you love – helping people.

Ship work

If you’re looking for a career that means you’re on the move 24/7, then ship work might be for you. Being able to see aquatic wildlife, gazing out on crystal clear waters, and even experiencing fresh ocean air is enough to convince anyone to try it at least once. Whether you choose to work on a cruise ship with holiday makers or a yacht with the rich and famous is completely up to you. A great way to make a healthy living while travelling the most beautiful spots our earth has to offer.

Tour guide

A tour guide is another way to get your foot in the door with a career that lets you travel the world. Perhaps you’d rather experience cultures for longer than a few days at a time? Being a travel guide and showing holidaymakers around by day then exploring at night is a great way of achieving this. Then, once you feel like you’ve experienced all there is to offer, you can look for tour guide jobs in other exotic and exciting locations.

Travel blogger

Finally, becoming a travel blogger is another way to fund your journey around the world. People often look for reviews and experiences online from those who have documented their journey, so why not do exactly that? You could pick up tips and tricks, and create videos for your viewers to help them help you pay for your journey around the beautiful planet we live on.

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