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She Walked With A Purpose: Lillian Blanche with Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Shay Johnson


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She walked in with purpose. An entourage of three. She wore a bright lime green piece that favored a cardigan, with spots that resembled those of a cheetah. Included, was a black tank under that piece and fitted black jeans. Stylish and chill with a mini fashion backpack to add.

It was Shay Johnson. In the past, she’d been known by another alias she acquired on the set of a popular Reality Show, but that connection has been long outdated because Shay has evolved. Not to say she is not the person she’s always been, however, it is safe to say she is seasoned, focused, and driven. I describe her attire because it seems to fit who I met. A woman down to Earth with a pop!

Who is Shay Johnson? Of course multifaceted in the art of being up front, unapologetically herself, and firm in her stance, she, in short, is the new face of Fibroid Awareness. Though Shay is currently a part of another reality television Show, Love and Hip Hop Miami, she stayed adamant on focusing on the topic of Women’s Health. More specifically, Fibroids.

According to UCLA Health, “Fibroids are benign tumors made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. They develop in the uterus.” Shay explained her fibroid issues led her to have a blood transfusion. Heavy bleeding and the fluctuation of her weight were amongst the problems she described undergoing.

After discussing her transparency on Love and Hip Hop Miami, it was the encouragement of strong women around her that let her know she should and could keep going. Through the support of these phenomenal figures she was able to gain strength to continue to move forward. Alongside her, she has a team that believes in her and are dedicated to getting her voice out their.

Physical and mental health are extremely important to Shay. She now pushes and encourages women to follow; her website that advertises and promotes her fitness journey. Women are able to purchase fitness materials and watch videos of her workouts on the site. Alongside a great workout to assist with mental and physical health, she attests to using the products at She agreed that the products helped her tremendously and she’s never felt better.

What’s to come from the Philanthropic Reality TV Star? She peeked Level 21’s interest in her upcoming collaborations with her two brothers: The Johnson Group. Johnson explained that with all of their talents combined they have so much to offer. She laughed about her baby brother visiting another country and coming back speaking spanish and now creating spanish music.

Her confidence is solid. Her stance is unshakable. She is here and she is and will continue to thrive. “I’m going to always be myself.” she says and we wouldn’t want her any other way!

Follow Shay on her instagram to see her latest health and entertainment updates @iamshayjohnson

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