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Glow Up Guide: Discover the Secrets to Exuding Confidence and Vitality


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Are you looking for your glow? No, not the pregnancy glow, simply your glow. Your body exudes health and radiance and boosts your confidence and appearance all at once. That glow.

Essentially, what this means is that you need to treat your body well and give it everything it needs to help you look and feel good and bring health to your body. After all, beauty starts from within, doesn’t it?

So, what can you do to get this glow?

Eat Well

Photography Credit: Unsplash

Your body relies on you to fuel it correctly and give it everything it needs to help it sustain its functions and give you that boost both visually and energy-wise. You need to be getting your ACE vitamins for healthy skin. For example, vitamin A is an antioxidant that can help fight free radicals and sun damage. You also need to be drinking plenty of water; aim for around 8 cups per day, and eat superfoods that are packed with nutrients to support your body, such berries, leafy green veg, salmon, walnuts, avocados, and fermented foods, to name a few.


Your body needs to sleep to help it repair for the day’s activities and perform vital duties. Your sleep can impact your ability to look and feel good, your energy levels, your skin’s vitality, mood, cravings, appetite, and more. Neglecting to get enough sleep regularly will dull your glow and impact your quality of life. So, if you want it to shine and emit health and vitality, then you need to make a good night’s sleep a nonnegotiable in your life.

Good Skin Care

Beauty might start from within, but you also need to be taking care of your skin externally as well as internally. It’s not good enough to just eat the right foods, sleep well, and stay hydrated if you aren’t protecting your skin from the outside. This means using sunscreen, finding the right skincare products for you, moisturizing regularly, and exfoliating dead skin for a healthier look and feel of your whole body. From using at-home products to visiting medical spas such as Elan Skin & Laser, there are many things you can do to boost the appearance of your skin while supporting it internally, too.


Your “glow” isn’t just how you look; it’s how you feel and your outlook on life. If you want to radiate wellness, you need to be doing so mentally, not just physically. Happiness and confidence are contagious and can stand out just as much as your looks and physical appearance. Practice mindfulness and gratitude daily, protect your mental health, work out, and do things you enjoy. All of these things will help you feel good, which, in turn, will support your healthy habits and help you look and feel your best.

Finding your glow isn’t some fairy tale; it is something you can achieve by putting good healthy foundations in place to help you improve your appearance and your physical and mental health, too. By looking at your body as a whole package and taking care of different aspects, you can improve your life and find that glow you’ve been looking for.

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