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Best places to vacation during winter


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The winter season in northern America can be beautiful, from watching the snow fall on those cold cobblestone streets of Boston to seeing Lake Michigan frozen over in from the Chicago skyline. However, this chilly weather isn’t for everyone and it’s hard not to agree with those snowbirds when you’re locked up in your apartment until march in cities like New York. Whether you’re a year-round southerner or a northerner enjoying those cold winters, it’s always nice to escape the monotony of winter by taking a vacation to warmer weather, or for some, to snowy landscapes. Here are some of the best places to escape to during these winter months!

1. New York City, New York

Sure this is basic and New York is likely going to be a little too touristy for some people during the winter months. But there is nothing quite like seeing the city of lights all dressed up for the holidays! New York was built for the winter, with an abundance of outdoor skating rinks for that perfect insta post, to the Rockafellar Christmas tree, there will never be a dull moment. Also if you’re a fan of Home Alone 2 then take a little trip around the city and recreate your very own Home Alone in the snowy streets of the Big Apple.

2. Miami, Florida

Miami Nutcracker

While Miami may not seem like the most festive place to spend the holidays, those sunny beaches always call my name when we hit those below-zero temperatures. One of the hottest attractions in Miami during this time is the performance of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker performed by the Miami City Ballet. This Nutcracker features ballerinas in tropical floral outfits and even uses some elements of Miami culture to enhance the ballet’s relationship to the great city.

3. Vail, Colorado

Vail Village

Colorado is naturally the perfect place to spend the colder months of the year, practically everything in this state is designed to be done in the snow. Vail is a small ski town in the mountains of Colorado that offers a little bit of everything, even for those that don’t enjoy the outdoor activities associated with this mountainous state. While Vail certainly caters to the skiers and snowboarders it attracts, it also offers some luxurious spas, delicious hot chocolate, and fine dining. It’s also the perfect place to rent a little cabin, light a fire and just curl up to watch a great Christmas movie!

4. Orlando, Florida


While Orlando may have many of the same benefits as Miami; warm weather, beaches, and the sun, Miami certainly doesn’t have Disney world. Of course, not everyone is a Disney person, but the most magical place in the world certainly instills something special during the holiday season. As someone who can’t understand the obsession most have with the theme park, seeing Cinderella’s castle all lit up in sparkling blue lights is quite a sight.

5. Chicago, Illinois

Millenium Park

Perhaps one of my favorite places to visit during the holiday season, Chicago feels like something straight out of a Hallmark movie everyone is a little happier in the city during this time, maybe it’s all the eggnog! Walking down Michigan avenue during the summer is a stressful and sweaty experience, but in the winter with the trees of Michigan adventure all lit up, the Macys windows decorated with beautiful scenes, and of course the quiet hum of Christmas music coming from inviting storefronts. Maybe it’s a midwestern thing, but in Chicago, you can feel the love and charity seeping out of every corner of the city during these cold winter months.

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