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Anniversary Exclusive: Charlotte Fashion Plate Joins Level21 For A Home Movie Cooking Segment Ft. Melissa Latin


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Melissa Latin is known as the queen of style and food in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an episode with Level21 almost 5 years ago, Latin later stated, “Charlotte Fashion Plate is so much more than just a fashion and food blog:” She continued, ” Never would I have imagined that I would be creating recipes for others to enjoy.” Celebrating Level21’s 7th anniversary with Melissa Latin was such a treat: bringing us into her world, in the kitchen dressed in a style of her own. Within this experience, we had to make sure to share her recipes with the world.

Authentic Home Movie Style Segment: Watch as Yamaris, Jerry, and our newest co-host (Mrs. North Carolina Continental) Phaedra Pistone celebrate home movie style with Melissa. Check out a few features including a unique dip and those delicious Rockefeller Oysters. Make sure you try all of her recipes at

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