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9 Last-Minute, Low-Effort Halloween Costumes You’ve Got to Try


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Halloween is this Sunday, and if you’re anything like many of us you might not have planned ahead this year. The stores are all sold out of the good Halloween candy, haunted house lines are scary long, and all you’ve got to show for a costume is what’s in your closet and the can-do attitude that comes with desperation. And hey, maybe next year we can all dress up like Fully Functioning Adults, but in the meantime here are nine great last-minute, low-effort costumes that will make you look like a Halloween pro.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Photo thanks to Club Crafted.

All you need to embody this popular idiom is a yellow outfit, a nametag labeled “Life,” and a basket of lemons. It’s a cute, simple, and clever idea that will definitely earn some compliments. Get the tutorial at Club Crafted.

Party Animals

Photo thanks to Lauren Conrad.

Whether going solo or in a group, pairing your best party outfit with animal ears and makeup is an easy (and classy!) way to turn heads in a crowd. Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? Here’s how Lauren Conrad crafted her group’s wild side.

Pop Art Style

Photo thanks to Best Products/Kayla Ramsey.

All it takes to create an eye-catching comic book style look is makeup and a bit of patience. Come up with your own character or follow tutorials like this one to get it just right the first time!

Tacky Tourist

Photo thanks to Travellers Oasis.

This one is tons of fun and allows for a lot of creativity. Find the most atrocious touristy clothes you own, mix and match to your heart’s content, and slap on a fanny pack and sunglasses for the finishing touches. If you want to get really into it, a smear of sunscreen and a disposable camera really drive the “sightseeing middle-aged dad” vibe home.

Plant Lady

Photo thanks to A Kailo Chic Life.

In a world where “plant parent” is a legitimate term, dressing up as a plant lady (or guy!) will definitely get you some laughs. Whether you’re a green thumb yourself or just want to poke some fun, this costume is perfect for bringing a little bit of spring to Halloween. Grab a few faux plants, a green outfit, and a hanging planter to complete the ensemble. Check out A Kailo Chic Life for a complete tutorial.

Cowboy & Cowgirl

Photo thanks to A Beautiful Mess.

Plaid tops, jeans, and cowboy boots are all it takes to pull together this last-minute couples costume. Add other accessories you might have lying around, such as a vest, cowboy hat, or stuffed horse, to complete the look.


Photo thanks to Club Crafted.

Cause a bang at your next Halloween party with this costume. Cut out the letters “TNT” on vinyl and stick them to a red shirt or dress. Then, use foil garland and a headband to craft eye-catching sparklers to round out the look. Here’s how Club Crafted created their explosive firecracker costume.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Photo thanks to The Merry Thought.

Perfect for a trio, this costume is about as simple as one can get while still being a great idea. There’s nothing easier than downloading printables like these ones from The Merry Thought, slapping them on matching outfits, and heading out to trick-or-treat or to a party. Or, if you’re feeling extra artsy, grab some fabric pens and make your own designs!

Men in Black

Photo thanks to Good Housekeeping.

Whether riding solo, in a group, or as a couple, this simple costume is super fun and will be easily recognized. Just fish the suit you never thought you’d wear again out of your closet, grab a pair of dark shades, and adopt your best secret agent attitude. Throw in a homemade MIB badge and a pug (stuffed or real!) to really go the extra mile.

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