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Mysterious Gingerbread Monolith appears in San Francisco park Christmas Day


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On Christmas Day, a nearly 7-foot-tall monolith made entirely out of gingerbread mysteriously appeared in San Francisco— before collapsing the next day.

The gingerbread tower was held together by icing and was decorated with gumdrops. It was noticed by locals on Christmas morning, delighting many and putting a little bit of magic in the air.

Unfortunately, the gingerbread structure did not last long. And by Saturday afternoon, the cookie had crumbled— succumbing to the elements.

While no one knows who is responsible for the monolith, many people believe that it is connected with other monoliths that have mysteriously been popping up around the world throughout the year. However, none of which have been as tasty as this latest find.

Other Sightings

The most famous sighting occurred back in November of this year, when a metal monolith was discovered in a desert in Utah. The structure was dismantled only ten days after its initial discovery.

This monolith mysteriously popped up in Utah on Nov. 18th. Its origins are still unknown. Photo Credit: The Verge.

Other monoliths have popped up all around the world in places such as northern Romania, Morocco, Finland, Manitoba, Paraguay, and Florida, according to Atlas Obscura. As of right now, no one knows who exactly is responsible for these monoliths, or what they are supposed to mean.

Unsolved Mystery

The latest monolith was discovered by San Francisco residents on Christmas morning. And throughout the day, many people trekked to the park to see the edible artwork. One person even took a bite of the gingerbread, according to NBC News.

While the monument may be gone, it is far from forgotten. And with each new monument that emerges, more people speculate about their origins and purpose. Some people have compared the monoliths to the one featured in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Others believe that they might have more ‘otherworldly’ origins.

However, all of these are simply speculations. And until someone comes forward with information about these monoliths, all that we can do is speculate.

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