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Dynamic Auto Tune Brings A Family Owned Atmosphere To The Luxury European Market


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For many people, cars are a simple utility and their maintenance rarely goes beyond a yearly inspection or the investigation of a check engine light. For the team of Dynamic Auto Tune in Charlotte NC, the act of getting a car serviced is not a chore, rather it’s a passion and an opportunity to build community. Level21 visited a track day held by Dynamic Auto Tune on May 29th 2020.

Dynamic Auto Tune describe themselves as the “alternative” to a service and repair dealership, as they have innovated the experience of auto maintenance on European vehicles, such as BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Ted Pettit, a cofounder of Dynamic Auto Tune, spoke with Level 21 Magazine about his and business partner, Scott Rowland’s inspiration to reinvent the customer experience and raise the standard of service within the auto repair industry.

From Milford, Connecticut, Pettit and Rowland grew up together and shared a love of building cars. Pettit’s father owned an auto parts store during his childhood, so cars and entrepreneurship were always part of his life. Pettit came from a racing background as well, further intensifying his recreational enjoyment of cars.

The two parted ways into adulthood and coincidentally reconnected in Charlotte, NC. As Pettit was pursuing a career in construction and Rowland in retail sales, the two combined their skills and passion for vehicles and decided to start a business. Pettit and Rowland met every Sunday to discuss their business plan until they were ready to launch their dreams. After a period of time balancing their day jobs with

their passion, Dynamic Auto Tune became successful enough to “make the


Today, Dynamic Auto Tune employs factory trained technicians for each make and model they service, premium facilities to make the service experience comfortable and “client driven” practices that focus on building familial relationships. Dynamic Auto Tune is committed to “quality and integrity,” with a belief that every customer is entitled

to the best service for their particular vehicle at the recommendation of Dynamic Auto Tune’s expert team.

Dynamic Auto Tune have built their business via referrals from other clients, making the community aspect of their business the driving force in their success. To integrate those values into their business model, Dynamic Auto Tune created an exclusive membership club for customers which offers them “5+% off most maintenance and repair parts.”

“The Dynamic family” comprised of team members and loyal customers have built their bond through the unique service atmosphere at Dynamic Auto Tune. Pettit explained that growing up in his small town, communities were tightly knit and experiences such as taking your car to the repair shop were opportunities to catch up with fellow

community members. Pettit and Rowland hoped to recreate that homegrown atmosphere within their luxury service business.

“We like to bring back that family owned atmosphere,” Pettit said, explaining that they want to consider customers as family. “We want to know your name, we want to know you when you come in, we want to have that five minute conversation with you to see how everything was between oil changes,” he continued.

Pettit explained that in his grandfather’s small town, “you went to Dottie’s garage,” to catch up with your community members. And, while Charlotte, NC is by no means a small town, the community still exists and is made stronger through the values maintained by Dynamic Auto


That community has since gone on to extend outside the shop and into events Dynamic Auto Tune participates in, such as the Open Track Day which Level 21 attended. Pettit explained that their event was a customer appreciation day in which the Dynamic Family can race their personal vehicles that Dynamic Auto Tune helped maintain.

“We’re the caretakers of these vehicles so sometimes it’s good to go out there and have some fun with them,” Pettit said.

Pettit explained that Dynamic Auto Tune has been able to utilize their network of car enthusiasts to give back to their community by engaging in many charitable opportunities as well as recreational.

Pettit explained that the European car community is unique in that while they love to show off their cars, they aren’t simply ornamental. Rather, European car lovers want to utilize their vehicles, and they love to meet others who share their passion.

“A lot of friendships have been developed in the car community,” Pettit said, explaining that there is a vibrant social scene among European car owners.

“For you to be able to have one of these cars, with the extra maintenance and repairs, the cost of owning one of these, you kind of have to be an enthusiast,” he continued.

And, to enthusiasts interested in experiencing Dynamic Auto Tune service, Pettit encourages patrons to see for themselves why the Dynamic family has grown to be so successful.

“We’re different. We’re not followers, we’re leaders. We’re one of the leading dealership alternatives in the area, and I just tell people to experience the Dynamic difference.”

Dynamic Auto Tune is located at 8516 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212.

Photography by Laurence Logan

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